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Trying to understand Red and Green Days

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Hiya, I'm new too and I'm a bit confused about my SW diet. I don't understand how eating pasta, rice, and potatoes all the time, all day, (if you're a veggie) I can see how the red days will help you lose weight because it's like Atkins, meat only. Can someone please help?
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hi i am not sure how it works but two years ago i did the sw diet and was told if i do red,green,red,green and so on i would lose more weight, i did this and lost nine stone, then i gave up.

now just started back and i am doing the same again as i has so much success last time.
It's all to do with not eating certain proteins and carbohydrates at the same time. I'm not sure how it works, but it definately does! I lost over a stone last time I went on it and I mostly do green days.

Of course, the best free food you can have though is 'super speed' fruit and veg. We was always told if you are not losing you are not eating enough of these types of food.
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Not really because quorn and pulses are high in protein and you can eat them freely on green days.

There's an explanation on the SW website if you're interested but very very roughly the foods that are free score very high on filling you up quickly and for longer relative to their calorific value. So you fill up on them and do not feel the need to indulge on the high fat, high sugar stuff that gives you a short-term rush but no long lasting satiety. And because they fill you up quickly it's difficult to overindulge.
My understanding is it's the type of food you eat which when digested work better together. It's similar to food combining (The Hay diet), but SW don't like their diet being labled food combining.
Sorry, it's nothing to do with food combining or things working together when digested.
It's about controlling your intake of certain food groups and focusing on the power of free foods. That's it! You eat carbs, you limit meat and fish, you eat meat and fish, you limit carbs - amongst other things like bread/milk/cheese/nuts/treats.
There's a lot to it as you'll find at group but SW don't call it food combining because it isn't!!
Slimming World has just celebrated 40 years of helping millions of members lose weight. It is the filling power of the free foods that work wonders and keep you satisfied longer. I have one member in my group who only rarely has a red day and has lost six stone. Even if you are are a veggie you could still do the odd red day by using quorn instead of meat/fish and measuring your carbohydrates. This will just give you a bit of change and mix up the way you are eating, which is never a bad thing.

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