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Tsk! Binge!


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Ive just eaten a whole punnet of grapes! :-/

I know there are far worse things to binge on, but I think a punnet of grapes on top of 2 bananas, an apple and some strawberries is a bit too much!

Do you reckon I should point them? If so, how many? I know fruit is free, but surely not that many! Oops! x x
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I wouldn't worry for a one off...i think the goodness of fruit and veg outweighs the few calories it would have been! i think eating quite a lot really helps your metabolism too :)


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lol I know! But I was just sat there putting them in my mouth, chomping away without really thinking about it. And before I realised it, they were all gone! :-o hahaha!

Thanks for your post :) x x
I've just ate about five chocolate chip cookies so I wouldn't worry too much ;D
If you're going to binge it's best to do it on something light, like fruit. :)
Don't worry about it.


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Theres definately worse things to binge on! Just maybe be a wee bit more careful with the fruit leading to WI? If that was me that ate all those grapes id never be off the loo! (tmi!)


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I could easily do that when I once followed SW - Ive not CUT DOWN on my fruit intake! x


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There are far worse things to binge on!
I wouldn't get over worried - I doubt it has done that much damage! If it was me I wouldn't point them - but I might not leave the whole punnet within easy reach next time!


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Hahaha! Thanks ladies, I have to say, I've ha a bit of a tummy ache today :-/

Defo won't be doing that again! Ha! x x

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