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Tummy 'Apron'...


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I've lost nearly half of my body weight, and that is a cause for rejoicing.

But... I have loose skin, and I now notice that it bulges between tum and hips when I wear a fitting skirt. It looks bad and makes me feel bad.

I feel as tho' I will always need a skirt half- to one-size bigger, to accommodate this problem.

Slightly depressing!

Perhaps when I've lost the last couple of stones it won't look so bad. Must say - I suspect that the wrinkly skin left behind will look much worse than it does now.

When you first start out to lose a lot of weight you don't realise how much of a problem the loose skin might be.
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The Diet Guy
Hiya GG

Well done on losing weight

Yes I have the same problem and am booked in on the 18th June to have a tummy tuck and get it sorted.



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G: 12st0lb
My tummy has always been like this as I have a hernia and have had one done previously, this has left my with a huge overhang, even with the bigger hernia that I have now. It is disheartening, I have been trying to find a new outfit for the Bath meet up next month and my belly ruins every outfit I put on.
You are definately not alone with this problem.
Well done on the weight loss that is amazing....!


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Thanks, guys. It is disheartening but there's not a lot we can do at present.

Mike - good luck with the TT. As you probably know, I would like to have the same procedure done, but could never afford the cost.

I'm gonna ask my doc about possible NHS funding 'cos I have kept a large amount of weight off for more than five years. He's known me both skinny and fat.

I don't fancy the TT scar much, but I have to agree as some have commented that it must look and feel better than the overhang!
Hi girlygirl

Well done on losing sooooo much weight!!!

I know very well saggy skin will be a problem for me too once I lose weight, If it is a real problem, I'll be opting for a TT.



Have a serene day!!
Hiya Girly Girl.,

Sorry to hear you are p**sed off I know what you mean, as I am losing I have an unsightly shape and like you I have a problem with a hernia above my navel. (Lap & Dye Job).

I have to admit to wearing 'Sloggi' tummy control pants, I know that they are not the most sexy things out but they aren't like the old fashioned ones that are made out of Nylon and Elastic these are Elastane and Lycra and they have a cotton content that makes them soft.

Just a thought, they are cheaper than a TT for the mo!!



Gone fishing
My 'apron' pretty much went in my last stone:)

I do have wrinkly skin there though, but since I have no intention of wearing a bikini, I can put up with that.
I agree with KD! At my lowest weight, my tummy was virtually flat (which was a complete miracle as I was 9 stone lighter than at previous times in my life!!!!) but the skin was a bit wrinkly. Now I'm 13lbs away from that goal weight again, I can see it happening again.



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So there's still a chance, at least, that the apron might melt away?

Wrinkly skin looks dreadful mind you but better than wrinkly PLUS overhang! Talk about sapping a girl's confidence!

I'll just have to hope mine will 'go' too, at least for the time being.

No matter what, though, losing the weight is always worth the hassle.


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hi, sorry to hear your having trouble with your skin and i hope it goes for you.

just to let you know i had a tt in december and the scar really isnt all that bad, i hardly notice mine anymore. and you'll be the only one who see's it and whoever else sees it will be whoever you yourself decide to show it to, its much easier to hide trust me!

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