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Twilight Saga : New Moon


Queen of the Damned


..doing it!
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Hellooo :wavey:

Thanks for adding this link :wow: what a good looking poster!!!

I read the Twilight books and loved em all :) I thought the movie was well made :cool:

I can't wait to see New Moon :D and both Edward and Jacob look absolutely fab :drool: :sign0007:

Methinks the vampire fetish has been re-ignited :giggle: :woohoo:


Lei xx


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Ooh fab poster!!! So looking forward to the film coming out :)


Queen of the Damned
I need to re-read the books - just got to get my copies back from my daughter :rolleyes:


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"....I need to re-read the books - just got to get my copies back from my daughter :rolleyes: ...."

Hmmm, just thinking the same thing;). Incidentally DQ, have to had a gander at Midnight Sun yet? It is the partial draft of Twilight from Edward's perspective that is available to read on Stephanie's website. It is dynamite:D.

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Queen of the Damned
Yep, I read Midnight Sun - thought it was excellent, and a real shame if she decides not to finish it. Spent a few late nights re-reading the books and loved them all over again. Can we fast-forward to November please?! :eek: :giggle:
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Saw the new trailer on the MTV movie awards and can't wait to see the film now!!


Gotta Make A Change
i loved the 1st one cant wait for the new moon november :)


Queen of the Damned
Have you seen the sneak peeks of New Moon from Comic Con?? Amazing!! :cool:
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The comic con clips are amazing I am sooooooo excited about November!


Gotta Make A Change
cant wait now :)
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Hehe, I can't wait for the 20th of November!
I'm sure it's going to be a nightmare trying to get tickets though!
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I love the whole Twilight Saga, i still havent read the last few chapters of Breaking Dawn, so shhhhh dont tell me lol! , I cant believe i havent read it yet, i got in for christmas 2008, but had to stop reading it because of a-level exams lol....

To be honest, i was a bit disappointed with the 1st film, the book was so much better.... i only enjoyed the film because of the hotness of edward cullen aka rob pattinson...

I cannot wait until New Moon comes out, does the UK get it the same time as the US this time>? I hope so! ...... the trailer looks so so so so gooooood! :) ... and i cannot wait to see some more Jacob! :p it comes out the week before my birthday, so by the time my birthday comes along ill be in high spirits haha!
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I totally switched my affections from Edward to Jacob in the books, and now I think i might in the films too cos that dude is SERIOUSLY hawt!!!!!
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I agree with you, its that situation though with 'team edward' and 'team jacob' lol..... i was edward until i read the 2nd book, i think after seeing the new movie i will be in love with jacob black, because taylor has got really hot in the past year lol...

Did anyone see the new trailer for the movie? It was shown during the MTV VMAs, its just wow, this movie is going to be so much better than the 1st (even though that aint hard lol)..


Queen of the Damned
Saw the new trailer and thought it was awesome!!!!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: I cannot believe how fantastic a job Chris Weitz has done on New Moon - the wolves are incredible, and Edward looks incredibly tortured, etc in the scenes with the Volturi *swoon*


Queen of the Damned
Oh yeah, I'm Team Switzerland because I refuse to choose between Edward and Jacob :giggle:

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