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underactive thyroid suffers

:rolleyes: Is there any one out there suffering with an underactive thyroid?
despite being treated wit thyroxine and sticking to s.w plan I am finding it very difficult to loose weight. Help!
Hi Taurus, my Mum has an underactive thyroid - she has been doing slimming world too and had lost lots of weight. Stick with it I promise you it will work! Maybe you need to up the dosage of thyroxine?
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I was diagnosed as Hypothyroid in January. I'm on 75mg of Thyroxine. I'm not going to lie my weight loss has been very slow and I've been told it is very low for most everyone, no matter with Thyroid problems, no matter what plan you are on (I'm calorie counting not SW). Since January I've managed to shift around 15lbs, though I have been off plan a fair few times. The body seems to have set points it loves and wants to stick there, mine is 205lbs and seems to want to be 200lbs as well. Even though it's a shockingly low weight loss compared to most people (I eat well and exercise, do everything right most of the time) I think that at least that weight isn't on me again and is *never* going to be on me again. I may be a tortoise, but tortoises can win the race!

If you're really struggling ask your GP to re test your levels.
I have underactive thyroid alone with other things! I'm on 75mg although my rhumie has said I need to be on 100! Wieght loss is a little slower as the metabolism works slower but this eating plan is good because it isnt starving yourself. Have you tryed adding in a little exercise? I find that my wait loss is a bit quicker when I do a little more exercise. Also, if you have your levels tested again, try and have them done as early as you can in the day as your levels aparently increase during the day. xx


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I have an underactive thyroid as well. You can lose weight but you need to be more determined. I've been dieting for 5 years now!!! But I've lost quite a bit. Just stick to it and you will get there. But don't compare your losses to others as it'll just annoy you.
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I have underactive thyroid and put on 3 stone in 2 years without any obvious change to my lifestyle or diet. All the determination I needed was for my unhelpful GP to say I would never lose weight, just stop gaining......but I proved her wrong. I have lost 3.5 stones in 6 months and have maintained without a problem since April - I am on 125mg of thyroxine but a recent blood test rather disappointingly said to stay on same level of medication, although I had hoped to reduce. You can lose weight with this condition - don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you just need to stick to plan and you'll see it can happen too. Good luck!


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I am on 125mg daily, and finding it really slow going too, I'm 5ft 1 and was 11st 2 beginning of may when i started sw, now i am 10st 2.5 4 months down the line. Started off ok when i was originally on 175mg daily but after a blood test he put me down a couple to rungs to 125mg daily, since this i have been so tired etc so i have booked another test and weight loss slowed too . I haven't masses to loose but i think the gp refferal thingy should be for us hypothyroidism suffers too as its so costly for me and will take me longer to get there - BUT i will get there eventually lol
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I'm on 75mg daily for underactive. Really played havoc before I was put on medication. If you're on the right dosage, I don't see why you can't lose weight if you are doing it right. :)

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