Is thinking positive!
Ello, Not been on here for months...Hope you are all doing well :D

Update : Well I am eating properly now, And have lost a bit more weight also :p Started this journey off at 26 stones 1lb Now I am 12 stones 11 lb...and a sexy size 14, I am so proud of myself, ;) Wanna get down to 11 stones and I can't wait...Lipotrim has started me off on my journey could not have done it without Lipotrim, My confidence is so much higher than it was I walk round with my head held high and now I get looks off men not in disgust but because they so want me ha ha (Joke) :p

All I can say to everyone is stick at it and the results are well worth it, It is hard but we can do this :) (Hugs you all) X
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your stats are a inspiration to all and well done you have every right to be proud of yourself ,1 x wolf whistle to you:)
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Is thinking positive!
Thank you Matt :) You are doing fabulous also, Keep at it ;) XX


5 stone to go!
that is absolutly fantastic! such an inspiration to us, especially at the times we feel we cant go on, we can look and see taht you were able to do it for a hell of a lot longer!
just brilliant keep up the great work,,you know what your doing! x


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wow laura, u have done amazingly! and look great!


Is thinking positive!
Thank you Bells :D I am so determined not to slip back into old habits around food...Not come this far to throw it all away :p You are doing fantastic yourself sweetie..Keep it up :) XX


Is thinking positive!
wow laura, u have done amazingly! and look great!

Thank you ;) Feels so good to be able to put my own socks on he he :p


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hey i remember u from last time i was here and was always interested in how u were getting on and im so so so pleased for you! well done xxxxxxx


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Wow that's some achievement :D............well done you. Good luck with the rest of your journey...not that you need it :D.
You are very inspirational :D



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:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

14st loss .... you are a true inspiration my sweet and i wish you well with your 'new' life. Keep your head high and lap up the stares from the blokes, you totally deserve it :) xxx


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Hi hun,
long time no hear I knew u would do it big pat on the back to u go out enjoy life so nice to hear from u xx


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LAURA!!! *waves frantically, grinning*
i was only thinking about you the other day. you've done so well, congratulations :D x


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Laura, you are an amazing inspiration to anyone on a weight loss journey. You have done brilliantly, well done!

Clair x


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OMG Laura - you are amazing!!

I bet you look totally sensational - I CANNOT wait to see photo's!!

Soooo well done to you - enjoy every minute of your 'new life' - hope you feel as amazing as you no doubt look!

Thanks for the inspiration hun x x x


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:worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy:Laura, you are AMAZING!!
Well done on your fabulous acheivement, how long did it take you to lose the weight? I bet your life has changed behond recongnition! :) Thankyou for sharing, you are a true inspiration x


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That is an amazing achievement and well done at maintaining. You have done yourself proud, girl - too right you should hold your head up! Truely fantastic xxxxxxxxx