Using Syns


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I'm using about 10 a day on average, but I've had a couple of weeks where I've gone up to the maximum and it hasn't affected my weight loss at all. I think it's probably best to use some every day, if only to give you something to cut back on if you hit a plateau.


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I don't really use my syns like I should. I tend to bank them for the weekend, and I'm sure I would lose weight faster if I had 10 a day. I agree that we should be using them and then reduce them if we hit a plateau, cos if you never use them what can you cut out and still be eating healthily?


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I find that I don't need them as much as I used to with EE as I feel fuller and don't have such strong cravings for sweet things as I used to. I now try to incorporate syns into my meals rather than saving them for treats, though I do stil have the occassional biccie here and there.


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I average about 5 per day, can be as low as 2.5 or up to 8-10. It's generally the lower end and after reading a few posts on here I'm wondering if I should be ensuring I use them. I don't save mine up as I would use them for booze and then fancy a pizza / curry and boom goes the diet lol


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I am really struggling on what to use mine on at all. I am tending to use them on sauces and low fat spread at the moment which takes me to about 3-4 per day. My consultant said that it is really important to use about 10 per day so that (as someone said earlier) if you hit a plateau you do have something to cut back on. I shall have to have a think about what to start using them on! It just seems wrong to use them on chocolate etc even though that is what they are there for eh ;) A lady in my group has lost 6 stone since April and she has always used hers for Maltesers etc so it's obviously fine to, lol xx


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I use between 3 and 15 a day, depending what I'm eating. I also usually go out for dinner on a Friday. As I lose weight I'll have to reduce my syns during the week though.


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Oh i hardle ever use my syns. If i do use them it's no more than 5. I think it's interesting about wht was said about having something to cut down if hit a plateau. I think i will start using them more but not going mad. Esp this week, pmt


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I try to have no more than 10 per day, so that when I have a bad day & just need chocolate it doesn't do any damage as over the week, I've always got those syns in hand!!

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I average around 1.5- 8 syns per day depending on what day Im on...I dont want any more, otherwise I will be looking to eat things I dont really want in order for me to have them all!
My Consultant was happy for me to do this too and I dont think it has effected my weight loss.


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I tend to use at least ten of mine a day, always have a choc wafer or some rich tea at night so I don't feel deprived of my chocolate fix. Revels on a weekend for 8.5 syns is a real treat. Most people at my class use them for butter, gravy, sauce or alcohol and I don't have those things much so mine are saved for sweet things.


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I agree they probably should be used as much as possible, but I find that SW green days suit me down to the ground, and I can go days and not use ANY syns at all. Feels a bit silly making a point of eating stuff I don't really want, just to use some syns?