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Extra Easy V Festival and Staying On Track - HELP!

S: 10st7lb C: 9st0lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 23 Loss: 1st7lb(14.29%)
Hi peeps,

Managed to get some last minute tickets to V festival next weekend and I'm really, really excited. Got the ridiculously large tent, the Union Jack foldaway chairs and the camping stove out... And then panicked when I realised that food might be an issue. :cry:

Any ideas on what might be good food options while there? I want to try and avoid the fast food tents for dietary reasons and also as it's pretty expensive (generally about £6-£10 quid for a meal). We're taking a disposable BBQ and the ubiquitous camping stove, but we don't want to carry a stupid amount of stuff and I'm also aware that the stages will probably be some distance from the campsite, so returning to the tent for each meal may be difficult. I guess I'm looking for some advice on which stands to go for if we do eat 'out' and what I could take to cook that won't weigh a ton. :confused::confused::confused:

OH suggested a bag full of Pot Noodles and I felt my insides curling up... :jelous:


Lou xxx
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When I went camping a couple of weeks ago, I took some mugshots (not great but certainly fill you up) and also AH lentil dhal which was actually pretty nice. Both just need boiled water :)
Could also have supernoodles, pasta (either pasta n sauce sachets or normal pasta and take sauce separately), risotto, savoury rice. Some pot noodles only have 4 syns or so.
You can take co-op pitta bread, quorn ham, babybel cheeses - things that don't travel too badly...

As for the fast food, there's bound to be jacket potato stalls about which is the safest bet. Otherwise noodle stalls but there's bound to be oil added which will need to be synned.

I would take lots of fruit and ceral bars to snack on to avoid temptation during the day :)
I have been to V loads - my advice is take your own BBQ food- so get some Joes sausages, or the Eat Smart morrison ones, and cook those with baked beans for brekkie :D

Take some fruit, this can be your snacks - and loads of diet coke.

Inside the arena area -there are places that sell tomato pasta - they are usually in the chill out areas - and there are also some fruit salad places, altho these tend to be expensive.....

The problem is alcohol - wine, alcopops, beer and cider and the main sold items - i found a bacardi bar which was helpful, managed to get some Mojitos down me - but cos the main agenda for most who camp is getting drunk - its hard to keep to it within syns!!! :(

Good luck and have fun!!! you can try and sneak some vodka in (we popped some little 500ml bottles in our thick socks and wore baggy combats over them!!!) but obviously if you get searched it will be taken off you!!! :( or maybe just drink back at the tent!!!

I love V fest so have a great time xxxx
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I went camping last week and did mainly green days:

B-2 boiled eggs, fruit and Alpen lights.
L-Mugshot, Ryvita, salad and cheese triangles
D-Anything from a tin or packet. Chickpea dahl/pastansauce/savoury rice.
I had crisps as my snacks and syns.

It may not be the healthiest of foods as they're processed but it did me no harm and I lost 5.5lbs on it. If you have a way to keep things chilled then you could do a red day with sausages and stuff on the BBQ. Enjoy yourself it's do-able but a bit of a pain!

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