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Hi, this thread might help a little:

I know when I have used normal (non veggie) gelatine it comes out like blancmange. You definitely wouldn't be able to add straight to a shake - the official mix-a-mousse is a very fine powder designed to blend in without the faffing about but even then it can still go wrong! Hope this helps x


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Hi ya.... I use normal gelatine.... and this is how I do it.

Boil water, I use 100ml..... then add half a pack of gelatine (I find a whole one makes it too solid) then blitz with a hand blender.... add 6 or so icecubes and swish about till melted or blitz again, then add extra more cold water until it comes just under the 300ml mark.... add powder and blitz for another minute or so.... put in fridge for 5 minutes and wholla.... a lovely creamy... angel delight type mousse...

You will get used to the quanties of gel/water to use to make it just how you like it....

Good luck....

Jules x