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I used to do slimming world before ee came around and i have tried ee i've never really managed very well.
Main problem is i don't eat veggies, i eat cucumber and sweetcorn but thats about it. Do you think sw is doable without veggies. I do eat fruit well apples, nana's and grapes. Is ee doable without veggies?
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yep!! i absolutely lurrrve veggies so i dont have this problem myself, but there are loads of dishes you can have on SW that dont involve veggies (just like eating normally) for example, you could do green days and have all kinds of pasta dishes, risottos, currys etc, just try and use a HEB for your portion of meat/fish! xx
Yes you could do SW without eating vegetables, but you would be making things very difficult for yourself, as well as doing without all the health benefits.

Can you tell us which vegetables you have tried that you don't like?

Then maybe we can make suggestions for some that you haven't tried yet, and might like.
If its EE you are asking about, i'd say it would work better if you do eat vegetables, as you NEED 1/3 plate of superfree foods.

If you don't eat vegetables, IMO i'd stick to red & green probably.

I am sure if i'm wrong somebody will soon correct me, as I have never done an EE day :)
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Hi Nicki

Have you tried eating veg in different ways? For example, some people don't like cooked cabbage but love it raw in coleslaw.

Also, have you tried all the veg recently? Sometimes people have a bad soggy school dinners experience that puts them off for years. As time passes, your palate becomes more accepting of tastes that you did not like when younger.


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What about mushrooms, onions and peppers? I tend to forget they're superfree sometimes. There are a few different ways of cooking or preparing vegetables to make them taste nicer!

If you really only like cucumber then as long as you are willing to eat a 1/3 of your plate portion size amount then you can still do EE. If not you might be better sticking to green and red days.



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I'd say it's worth trying out some veggies, you may surprise yourself. Start with things like raw carrot sticks, maybe some cucumber sticks mixed in, as you like cucumber. Otherwise you're probably best sticking to Red/Green.

I'm quite similar in that I don't do fruit, but that doesn't impact my main meals nearly as much as not eating vegetables. Also, many dishes you barely even notice the vegetables. I had a chilli the other day, full of veggies as well as a bit of meat, and the mild spice in there completely drowned the flavour of the veggies, even celery which I hate!

If you don't want them on their own, experiment with herbs and spices, it's better to eat them disguised than not at all.


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oh i do love coleslaw, i forgot it was made from veg :D I prob could eat enough cucumber, i love the stuff!
Thanks for the replies, i love slimming world i'm just a bit skatty and not sure how well i'd do.
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dont forget though hun, you can always have fruit after your meal to make up your 1/3 superfree on EE :)

have you tried roasted veggies? i like carrots, butternut squash, sweet potato, courgette and peppers and if you roast them with a bit of garlic and some herbs they taste really sweet and nice, not too "vegetabley" if that makes sense :p xx


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You can also hide veggies in a pasta or curry sauce - cook the veggies all together then blitz in a blender until smooth then add FF fromage frais if you like it creamy - might be a good way of getting extras

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