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vibro plate results.... 8 days use

Can't be sure this is all down to the vibro plate:
this is the one I use in case you haven't spotted that on another post.
Crazy Fit Massage Pro 500W [Crazy Fit Massage Pro 500WExtra powerful, extra effectiveIt melts away fatIt stimulatesIt relaxesIt soothesHome Installation AvailableFREE DELIVERY] - £169.95 : UK Sport Imports, established importer of quality sporting eq

6.5 inches lost overall...in 8 days... its fab... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

here is where i lost it (in inches):

Left Right
Calf 1/2 none!
knee none 1/2
thigh 1/2 1/2
top of arm 1/2 1/2

waist 2.5 inches !!!!
hips 1 inch
bust 1 inch

total 6.5 inches.

the irony is I have a small waist anyway, and don't really want to loose it off my waist - rather the hips and arms !!!

anyway - I do love it and am continuing with vigour.

I don't do any other excercise (trying to pre-empt additional queries!! LOL).

I will continue to post the results as and when !!

Good luck everyone, xx

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fab reults hun x
got good ones with mine too and wouldn't be without it x
long may we shrink x


Positivity is the key
hi Caren,
thanks for posting that and well done to you that is a great inch loss in such a short length of time, well done.
Happy vibrating, I can't wait to get mine, it is a crazy fit too.
i'm off to do my 15 mins now !!!xx


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Heard so many good reports about this 'miracle worker'. Have found out they have it at the sun bed shop round the corner from me, so going to enroll on some courses, really looking forward to it. You all really encouraging results.


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Can anyone advise how much it costs to hire one of these? Live in Manchester if it makes a difference in which area you live in. Thanks
Hi liz,

scotsmist hired one here:


115.00 for one month i think.

My thoughts on buying were - they sell well on ebay - so if I bought one, I could always sell for at least some return back when i've finished with it.

anyway - good luck with whatever you decide !!

Caren. xx

edited to say well done on your amazing losses liz - you have done really really really well - hopefully i can do as well as you !!


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Would some one be able to have a quick look on ebay for me. and check if this vibro plate is worth it to buy. Item Number 370251981104. It finishes in 1hr, thanks.
that looks fine to me.apparently they all do the same thing,however much they cost.
looks similar to my one in size and the one bar to hold on to at the front x


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I might well invest then, thanks. Thought it may be too basic, as no expert on these. Thank you for checking for me
liz - did you get one ????
Did you lose on one calf and one knee but not the other? LOL
best get those ones a workout to keep up! ;)

those really are amazing results though in such a short time -gonna look into that myself! Go you!
Wahey Caren that is fantastic! Thanks for posting the results! (I was kind of pestering you for them hehe)

It's great that you're getting those kind of results after only 8 days. Think of the results you'll have after a couple of months. You'll be all toned and gorgeous!

I soooooooo want one but haven't decided which one. It wasn't my idea, it was my Hubbys. He wants one with the resistance bands attached. I'm definately going to order one this week (That's if we agree on the same one!)

Where is everyone else getting theirs?
Did you lose on one calf and one knee but not the other? LOL
best get those ones a workout to keep up! ;)

those really are amazing results though in such a short time -gonna look into that myself! Go you!

I know - I'm a bit lopsided all over !!! LOL
liz - did you get one ????
I was going to,but with school starting shortly,and other bills, I decided I was being impulsive!!! As much as I would love to buy one, it is not a necessity (to me it is though lol).

Going to start using the one at the sun bed shop for now( even though in 3mths, I would have it paid for,for what I would pay using it there!!)

The one I saw on ebay for £80,is always on there,from a company,so if I come into some money,I can always get one.

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