Gem Dec 17th 06

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I've lost 2 stone!!!!!

I'm now 10 stone 9lbs and very happy!!!!
I'm going to start eating a bit more too, aiming for 790 but going up to 1000 if I need to - which I think I will need to most days!!!!

I also bought a pair of size 12 jeans this week!!! :D

I had my first proper wedding dress fitting yesterday and the bodice needs taking in about an inch, it looks so nice now!!! :D

Thanks chelle, I thought those last couple of pounds would just be out of reach!! So glad I got there!!

I'd be quite happy to maintain this weight now, so if I continue to lose then that's great!!

Thanks for you support :D

WOW !!!

well done Gem - that is FAB !:D


Congratulations! 2 stone in 2 months is fantastic!!
Why thank you very much!!

Have lots of great times coming up -
18th November - hen night
23rd November - sister in law and nephew fly home from Oz - I haven't met my nephew yet, he's nearly 9 months old!
15th December - my fab brother flies home from Oz!
17th December - I get married!!!!!!
20th December - I fly to New York for 2 weeks on honeymoon with my wonderful Husband :D