want a glass of wine! just one !

If you're not SSing, then of course you can have a glass of wine. 100cals or so for white????

I say, have one and savour every sip then try to make sure you don't have another! lol
lol i'd do the same! not that wine is my poison.. but if you REALLY have to have it.. wait a few hours if you still have to have it.. then have it! But don't have anymore!! ;) :p
I'm SSing and went out last night, Had a couple of glasses of wine (because I couldn't not, if you know what I mean!)
The rest of the night I only drank soda whater (which was free!)

I became quite drunk and felt a little sick, What a cheap date!

My friends know I'm on this diet but couldn't believe how drunk I was - at least they know I wouldn't be going for a kebab.

I had a pounding headache this morning which I think was down to dehydration. I'm not sure if it'll have any effect on my weight loss though. And I don't know if I'll do it again!

Dani X
I haven't had an alcoholic drink for 6 weeks now which is a minor miracle in itself!! It's hard when you go out and everyone else drinks apart from you but last night at the pub everyone was just complimenting me instead which I suppose is nicer than getting drunk and having a hangover the next day!! Would be nice to have the odd glass o' wine though but hasn't been as traumatic as I thought it would be. Also saves money hurrah!! :):)
If you are allowed to have a glass of wine then how about having it in a spritzer to draw out the pleasure or is that sacrilige (sp?) :D