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Want to go to SW Classes but won't be doing SW diet


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I know this sounds really strange, but hear me out and tell me what you think?

I did lose 3 stone last year on my own and with the help of this site by calorie counting and exercise. Since then a lot has happened in my life and I have been unwell and have not been very active so I am heaping the weight back on:cry: I know I can lose the weight again, but I am a bit of a competitive person and need a really good competition to lose the weight, last year I did it so well as I was competing with a pal. This time I don't have anyone to compete with, the need to lose weight is not enough for me to do it, sad as that sounds, its just how my mind works.

My plan is to go to SW classes to get weighed and stay to class, but follow my own weight loss programme, which consists of cc. By going to be weighed publicly I know I will stay on track, as I certainly won't want to be the one standing there with no weight loss. I do take a bit of advice from SW and I do follow some of the recipes, but for me personally, SW is not good for me as it allows me to eat too much free food, which doesn't retrain my mind about the relationship I have with food. The only other weight loss class in my area in WW and the class is huge.

Do you think I am being really bad going to SW for the weigh in and support but not following the SW plan? Should I be honest with the SW consultant and let her know I won't be strictly following the plan, but more adapting it into my cc?

Thanks xx
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hi Wish

i dont think that it is a bad thing at all. at the end of the day we are all here trying to either loose the weight or maintain.

i loved my classes but due to a few problems i am taking a couple of months off.

you never know, if you find your weight loss a bit static you might try the SW eating plan and like it. the reason why i like SW as opposed to CC is that i find it a lot less restrictive.

but join and good luck.xx

Mrs V

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Hmm...personally I wouldnt see the point in paying to go to a class if you dont plan on following it.
Why not just pay to weigh on the scales at Boots?? I know that you say you are a competitive person, but I couldnt personally see the point.
I agree that there may be a time when you feel that you want to try the SW plan if you are struggling with your own method (well done so far by the way!).


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Have you ever tried Weight Watchers?
Thats a more restrictive diet (if thats what you are looking for) and although it counts the foods in points it is essentially calorie counting.
I personally think this would be more beneficial to you rather going to a group when everyone is going to be talking about eating food in abundance!!
Having said that, I don't see a problem going to a group to get support and be weighed and follow your own plan.....I personally probably wouldn't tell the consultant though...there really isn't any need!

Good Luck


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hi, i have done this before as i cant be trusted to do it by myself ( i take my hat off to all of you who do it by yourself), i was doing ww at the time and eventually i changed over to slimming world as i wanted to stop restricting my self with what i could eat, i wouldnt tell the leader tho.

if your staying to the meeting you might start to get confused with the talk afterwards if your tryng to do your own thing.


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I dont really understand why you would not want to do the diet if you were going to the meeting? I know you say you prefer calorie counting but surely you cant calorie count for the rest of you life. The great thing about slimming world is that you can do it for the rest of you life and it does teach you about healthy eating. Just because it says you can have unlimited amounts of something it doesnt mean you have to stuff you self silly its about learning a new way of eating. Have you ever done Slimming world before?

I dont want to sound negative towards you but i just cant see the point of going to a meeting and not following the plan! I know if i went to meetings and heard about all the wonderful things we are eating and still losing weight i would get confused and soon be off calorie counting!!!

Good luck in Whichever diet you chose to do! xx


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I used to do CC and lost a lot of weight in the year I did it, but it was impossible to maintain - SW, on the other hand, is a way of eating for life.

Not sure I can see the point of going to a class, paying and then not doing the diet. If you tell the C then she might not let you join...
I'm not sure you would be able to fully participate in Image Therapy if you stayed to group as you wouldn't be following the plans so the discussions would be a bit odd for you!

Just a thought, if you worked out the calories on an average SW day I bet it wouldn't be that many, I'm not sure how many cals you allow yourself when CC but SW must restrict calories or else it wouldn't work.

I understand what you are saying about being able to eat all the free food you want but that really is the beauty of SW - it's a food lover's diet after all.

Good luck whatever you do.


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S: 100.7kg C: 64.9kg G: 70.8kg BMI: 23.1 Loss: 35.8kg(35.59%)
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I suppose I didn't explain myself very well, the reason I was wanting to join is for the public weigh in and also the support.

I have done SW before and did lose weight and found it great, all that free food. BUT, for me personally, my relationship with food is not a healthy one and I want to change the way I think about food, so its more of a function and not for pleassure, as a comfort eater, I don't think free food is the right way for me:sigh:

I guess I was really just wanting to be part of a weight loss club, where you are all there for a mutual reason and can offer support, but not do the whole eat as much as you like thing, I am probably not making any sense at all here:rolleyes: I also do better when I am competing to lose weight, so being in a club would give me that extra motivation that doing it alone doesn't.

Hope I have explained that ok, but seems I will just have to do this alone, again:rolleyes:
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Good luck :)

You should just do whatever you think will be best for you to loose the weight and change your life. If that means going to class just for the weigh in to keep yourself on the straight and narrow, then why not!

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Being part of a weight loss group like SW, isn't competetive at all, so it might not work for your need to compete. Perhaps a sponsored slim might be more your thing. (unless I've missed the competetive feeling of the club).
In answer to your main question though, I don't think it matters if you aren't folliwing the SW plan, for all we know there may be people at the groups who are doing their own thing too. I wouldn't let the Consultant waste too much of her time trying to help you if you have a bad week if you aren't going to follow SW. I don't think you'd be able to join if you said you weren't going to follow the plan, I think it's a condition of membership.
Good luck whatever you do.

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Good luck - whatever you decide to do!

I've had a think about this situation and I reckon that if it was me, I'd give a couple to Consultants a call (you could find a few numbers from the slimmingworld.com website, pop in your postcode and get a list of "local" groups, with tel nos etc - don't necessarily call the one you would end up going to) - explain your dilema over the phone and see what reaction you get? That way, you don't need to give them your real name or anything, they wouldn't know who you were, and so you could ask them how they think it would fit in with their Slimming World way of taking a class etc ......... then you could decide whether you tell the consultant at your chosen group or not about your "plan of action" for losing this weight ......... just a thought?

Again ............ Good luck!
I do know what you mean, needing the discipline of a class etc for the wi. I dont go to classes so I dont know what the Image therapy is about but I can see why you want to go to classes. I think if you were to tell a consultant that you werent planning on following SW she might have a problem with it, but at the end of the day youre paying your money so does it really make a difference??

If you think itll help you then give it a try, or have you thought about going to your practise nurse for a weekly wi?? My surgery encourages things like that
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hey hun, i do totally get what you mean. i am a very competetive person myself, and often that push is what makes me succeed.

i also had a very bad relationship with food before sw. It was my answer to everything, and it controlled me. I wasnt sure if the aproach of sw was right for me, as i didnt want to not have that hard drive behind me to push me to lose wight, but eventually i gave my all to image therapy and decided i'd give it one go, and here i am, a year and a half later.

when i have those days where my eating is uncontrollable, atleast most of the time, thanks to sw.. i dont have to feel so guilty. because i can overeat on carbs etc. and even if i do binge on really bad stuff, i can always rein myself back in, with all the super free foods and water challeneges i set myself and can usually sort myself out in time. I compete with myself, and i wont let myself win. I'm going to stay at target, even if my mind wants me to camp out in kfc and get huge again :D lol

i feel like you need the pressure of weighing in public and having competeion to make you lose weight, although may kick start your motivation.. i dont see how you can concider it a long term soloution.. because just like right now, your having to constantly seek out competion to keep your spirits up, and you don't believe in yourself to do it alone.. what ahppens when u lose all your weight and you can't find someone else to compete with or give you that motivation, will you pile it back on again??

have you concidered that maybe it's not a problem with food you have, its with your own self esteem. ( please dont take offence if this is wrong) - I just think, for your own long term success, you need to find a eating plan, that can teach you how to accept yourself, believe in yourself and give you the power to know you can do it on your own. as for the problem with sw being that you can eat too much 'free food'
- for your plan to work long term, youd have to spend the rest of your life completly restrictive, and personally i dont find that possible to maintain, and even if you did maintain that level of restrictivness, will you ever be happy?????

- free food is free frood, its not called 'eat me or you wont lose weight' .. it is encorouged to eat large amounts, but you will lose weight having normal portion sizes, because it is HEALTHY eating. Essentially all free food is, is extra portions of healthy food. balanced and healthy. Do you see what im saying, some of us embrace the huge amounts we are allowed, but if its not for you fine, its just an option.

i truely believe, if you believed in yourself and gave your all.. sw will work for you, but you have to want it too!.



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Thank you so much Starlight and Fern, you really understood where I was coming from and also helped me see the possible down falls. I think you have both inspired me to join SW BUT follow the plan!!! I will let you know how I get on, thank you xxxx
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I'm really pleased to hear it hunny, & don't write sw off if you feel it's not for you, sw does work for everyone, but sometimes it's not for everyone. If that makes sence, but now you'v identified the real problem, whatever eating plan you find suits you best.. it'l work. :)

I have no doubt that sw will be the best option for you though, maybe i'm biast, but sw does rock :D lol

*hugs* If you ever want to chat again! just let us know.. were all here for you! x


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S: 100.7kg C: 64.9kg G: 70.8kg BMI: 23.1 Loss: 35.8kg(35.59%)
Thanks Fern:)

You have no idea how much you have helped me! I am excited about going now, but also really nervous of walking into the room as a newbie and knowing no-one:eek: Not to mention those darn scales, but hey, it gotta be done.

When I did SW they didn't have Image Therapy, what is that all about? (Or is it just the chat after the WI)

I am half tempted to call the SWC now and let her know I am coming to class on Monday, that way I can't back out, can I:rolleyes:
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Do it, give her all call! . & if your feeling up to it, explain how you feel.. that way she can put some xtra umpft into your image therapy to really give you that extra motivation!

Dont be nervous, embrace that excitedness!!! Thats the bit that'l really motivate you. and if at first you find it all a bit confusing, say.. don't go home confused, give it all you can. and were here to help too!

Im really glad i helped you hun, it sounds like you knew it all along really ( as i noticed that you nervous of those scales and the unfamiliar people, which originally you said would be what got you going) - Your all in the same room for the same reason, to help.

Image therapy is the chat after Wi yes, if you stay you'l see why its called image therapy, because if your consultant is good.. you'l go away feeling it.

oo im so excited for you too! xx


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and dont forget about on line here. why not find someone with about the same amount of weight to loose and then you could slim with them.

just an idea.


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