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Want to join in too ! - starting Thurs 7th officially!


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Have been following you all with interest and I want to have a go too. :party0049:

Just need to sort out what will be having on DD. I take it you can have say CD, or Slimfast products ? or have seen some saying protein shake ?? is that the stuff you get from health food shops ?

I dont want to loose much but have been faffing about trying to do WW for ages and keep falling off wagon. :doh:. I just want to loose 10lbs which I know is not much but I know I feel so much better with it gone.

I am going to be running/walking on a Mon, Wed, and Friday night so if I am reading it right I should make those my UD, as will be expending more energy, and than have my DD as Tues and Thurs.

Then could I have 2 UD at the weekend ? or does it need to one of each. ?

Looking forward to getting started.

Deb x
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We ride, we ride....

Welcome to the juddders!!
From my understanding, u can have two updays in a row but not downdays.
I know that russiandoll is using cambridge shakes on DD but alot of us are calorie counting. I think the trick it to leave eating to later in the day and make sure u drink loads of water on both days as that helps with feeling full.
Someone with more experience will be able to add to this as I've not been doing it long, and some of the others are veterans at this now lol

Happy juddding!

Much love, chelle x


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Chelle, I didn't realise some of you were calorie counting on dd's. I am really dense...I thought it was just 3 cd packs on a dd. That makes the JUDDDD quite appealing again (although I'm gonna stick with counting cals for a while :)) I can't manage to ss, even for a day. I suppose you could have something like quorn 'ham' and salad for lunch and a yoghurt, then maybe a ww ocean pie and salad for tea. Or a tin of soup and a couple of ryvitas???

Good luck Deb. Everyone seems to love this 'way of eating' and the results are looking really good! You know what they say...a change is as good as a rest! It might give you a weight loss boost having a change from ww.


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Welcome aboard - the more judddies the better! I eat proper food on a DD, I tend to have nothing till lunchtime, unless I feel lightheaded, in which case I might have a mini milk lollie or a cup of tea and one rich tea finger.
Lunch is normally a green salad with 75g ham or prawns which keep it to just over 100 cals. I weigh everything, lettuce, cucumber, everything. Dinnertime I have either another salad or an omlette made with one egg and one egg white, mushrooms and onions, all fried in one cal spray oil. Yes, i do write that one cal down. In the evening i then have at least 150 cals left to have a bowl of low cal ice cream with a few strawberrries. Drink lots of water all day - that really helps!

Hope that info helps!



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Thanks all for great advice. :)

I think for my DD I would prefer to do either CD or some other form of shake as that is easier for me. I think I read on the Johnson site that you can do that for 2 weeks ? and then could start to do a down day with low cal foods.

I cant wait to get started :D:D

It will be interesting to see if this kick starts me into loosing those last few pounds. !!

Deb x
Hiya Deb

I'm using CD but I would of course - much easier for me :p. today's my second DD, which so far is easier than Monday was & I'm having two CD packs today and a prawn salad for dinner tonight.

It's lovely seeing everyone's successes so far on this and all the Juddders are so positive about the diet, which is great.

Hope it works out for you, let us know how you get on.



finding my way again !
Hi Deb,
i am using up my CD supplies for my DD's & then will buy Slimfast - so much cheaper !
at the moment i don't think i could trust myself to cal count on a DD, i need to get used to eating again b4 i start restricting it in DD's does that make sense :confused:
Anyway good luck


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Aww thanks everyone for the moral support. :)

Am starting officially tomorrow with a DD! planning to have:-

2 x protein shakes (brekkie and tea). 400 cals

Lunch will be 2 x egg salad. (est cals as 200 ?) So slighty over but its first day so a bit trial and error!! I need to find a book with the calories of things. :D

Right off to eat all the food in the cupboards... ..only kidding. :rotflmao:

Wish me luck!

Deb x


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Good luck Deb! The only thing you need to be seriously careful of is your DD cals. Dr J makes the point that sticking to no more than 500 for the first 2 weeks is critical to success! Don't mean to be a nag but thought you ought to know!



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Good luck Deb! The only thing you need to be seriously careful of is your DD cals. Dr J makes the point that sticking to no more than 500 for the first 2 weeks is critical to success! Don't mean to be a nag but thought you ought to know!

Ooh didnt know that Barb, thanks for the tip. :)

I will be ok though as only had half the protein shake this morning as couldnt face the full one, so so far only 100 cals.

So if I do the same tonight and still have my egg salad lunch should be well within the 500 cals.

Off to find an on line food calorie counter now! :D


We ride, we ride....

Welcome aboard!!!

Just a word of caution, eggs contain 88-100cals so they can soon mount up ur calorie allowance. Alot of us use Weight Loss Resources - u get a 3 day trial, so hunt loads of foods u like and get all the calorie info so u're all clued up!!

Good luck, and drink lots of water :)

Much love, chelle


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Can anyone explain a little about this diet to me please? I understand you have alternate days dd (only 500 cals) but what happens on the other days?


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Wow, Juddies are joining all over the place. fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
This sounds brilliant!

I am on day 5 of CD and am finding it really hard now. The thought of proper food every other day is heaven. Im going to give it a go - not sure what to tell my CD. She's very strict and expects you stick to just the packs with no cheating.

Hopefully I'll still lose some weight so I won't tell her just yet. I'm not ready to get told off after 1 week :p

It sounds healthier too. What I would give for a smoothie right now :eat:


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I think it is pretty healthy and a good way of getting the food demons under control, after all the minute you know you can have something, you often aren't so bothered. This is what I find on UD's, I thought i might be nibbling on rubbish all day long but I don't. I tend to eat quite a bit of fruit, as it is a bit calorific for DD's and although I indulge in wine and meals out I know I am allowed to, so still make reasonable choices. For me this totally the way forward, I hope it is for you too.


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