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Water and Weigh In


Getting her sparkle back
Hi Nat,
I tend to stop drinking at around 1pm on my weigh in days ( I get weighed at 7pm) I'm not sure if it's recommended but I do it as I feel like it gives the water time to get out of my system, hopefully giving me a more accurate weigh in! I also tend to drink a little bit less than my usual 3-4 litres.
But it's completely up to you, there are ladies in my group who drink right up to the moment they get weighed!
Yes, I used to stop drinking water on my weigh in days at about 3p.m. WI was between 6-7.
I also had water flavourings in all my water the day before WI because it helped in the poo department!:kissass:
How much water are you all drinking per day? I'm thinking I'm maybe not drinking enough as I don't seem to be losing as fast as some of the other people on here!
I hadn't really thought about it to be honest - this is my 3rd week (WI tonight) so i am going to stop drinking at 4pm, as my weigh in is 8pm and see how i get on. I will probably have to have my 3rd shake when i get home from work tho as i don't get back from class until 9.30ish and i can't fit 2 packs into the time before i go to bed!

Spangly - i normally drink 2 - 3ltrs while i am at work and then i am more relaxed but probably easily do another 0.5 - 1ltr while i am at home.

I struggle to drink all the water at the weekend when i am out and about and i can really feel it by the evening if i haven't reached at least 2.5ltrs by the time for my 3rd pack!


Hi Benedict I hadnt thought either until I read some posts on here x

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