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water water water


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hi all still lost for this water thing i dont think iv been having enough water iv been drinking about 2 ltrs including shakes and teas so i think im not having enough i have a 2 ltr bottle of water and make everything out of it i think im not having enough x
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ok thanx thought that seemed a bit much was worried it might be a bit dangerouse but wat im gonna do is try drink the 2ltr bottle just for my water then the shakes seprete how that sound the shakes i usually use 400mls each so thats another 1ltr and a bit x


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some people have said more than 4 litres could be dangerous, but i don't know if that's come direct from Lipotrim (or any other scientifically proven sources) so have at least 2 litres, plus shakes and plus teas/coffees.

it's working for me, i'm closer to the 3 litre mark or over most days :)


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Hi :)

Just my own personal experience but I have always drank 4 litres of water throughout the day on top of any water for soups/shakes or any tea and coffee.

I just fill up 2x2 litre plastic pop bottles, take 1 to work to drink through the day and 1 for the evening at home.

I think most of us find our own comfortable level with water once we get into it :)
I would also add that it is better to gradually up your water intake rather than try to start on 3-4L. When I started LT I was hard pushed to get 2L down me now I'm thirsty if I have less than 3L!!! Build it up gradually, say 200ml extra each day or so and you'll be up to another litre in a week!

I make the task less daunting by drinking out of 500ml/750ml bottles. I have a 750ml in the car to sip at to and from work, 2 500ml bottles in my bag at work which I can refill as needed and another 750ml for the evening. If I'm out shopping I always have a 500ml bottle in my handbag. I always have a bottle by the bed to sip from during the night if I need it. You'd be amazed at how quickly you get through them after a while - I drank over a litre this evening in the 2hours my youngest was at a swimming gala and I did it without thinking!

Good luck.

use your 2 litre bottle as your goal for the day of water intake that dont include your teas and shakes thats how i do it cause i struggle really bad too hun. you'll suffer in the going to the loo department if you dont drink enough so try and do what i do good luck xxxx


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Thanx just woke up and im heading for my water going to my friend for dinner i told her im not eating so im gonna make sure i have a shake and buy a 2 ltr bottle of water wish me luck for getting through today x


Here we go again!
I have at least 4lts a day now and feel great for it. I never used to drink enough water and am definitely going to keep up this good habit for life.
i was a bit worried that i was not drinking enough water too but then when i added it up i am having 4L easily plus more... i have found (only on day 4) that if i have a bottle of water or a straw i find it easier to drink...
Yup, water has been my main drink for quite a few years now, so will definately keep it up for life!!


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Finding i like warm water much better dont like the taste of cold water gonna go jogging 2mara x

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