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i have about 4 cups of green tea plus about 2-3 litres of water a day. more on the days i do proper exercise. not sure if it affects how much i lose but i feel better for drinking lots. apart from peeing all day lol :)
Hi Nettie. I usually manage about 5 pints of plain water a day without much difficulty, plus at least a pint of tea (at breakfast). Made myself get into the habit originally by starting with no-sugar squash and graduating to filtered tap water, now straight tap water since the water company flushed the system a while ago! I also use the one pint 'pub' glasses as I like the shape. Usually I take a couple of glasses up to bed with me and have no trouble drinking them during night if I wake, or first thing. This gets me off to a good start, then I have a pint before each meal during the day.

I don't know if this amount affects my weight loss - only started SW seriously again a couple of weeks ago and have lost 3lbs each week so far - but I find it easy to drink the water if my stomach is empty.

As I now have a hip problem which prevents me walking any distance - and I used to love walking - I don't really get much exercise at all, so don't know if I'm drinking the 'proper' amount. It feels right though, and even if I get frustrated at not being able to walk as I'd like, at least I feel the water and the SW plan is doing some good!
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Hi i can drink herbal fruit teas through out the day of sometimes my clients will make me a coffee but other than that nothing else i have never drunk water even when i was little and it makes me gag.
I recently tried drinking 2 bottles of bottled water a day but that only lasted about a week i got dizzy everytime i swallowed it at one point i got so light headed i had to go home ive been to the doctor he told me to stay hydrated with homemade ices and the teas.

Sorry waffled alot there lol X.
im a big water drinking advocate...i think it really does make a difference to weight loss. I have probably about 3 litres a day and my skin is so much better now as well. I think more water helps as well with overall health. I just drink plain filtered water and also about 3 cups of coffee a day, and i think by keeping hydrated stops any snacking.


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I used to drink 2l faithfully everyday on top of any other teas/coffee etc and always lost on WW. Tho have been struggling to drink more than a litre the past year when maintaining and it's definitely had a negative impact to my skin, digestive system & weight so I'm now keeping a tracker of water along with my food tracker.


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Thankyou for all your replies.
It seems that water is the way to go and I seem to be having an ok amount but no harm in drinking more. I forgot to add I have about 3 cups of tea a day but I didn't know if they counted as water intake. I only drink bottled water or we have a water cooler at work, our tap water is horrible!
Nettie - have you thought of using a water filter jug and keeping it in the fridge door? It does marvels to any bad tasting tap water and might save you money in the long run. I used one for years because our tap water was so horrible. Then a couple of months ago Anglian Water said they were doing a flush of the system, and about ten days afterwards it dawned on me that this had sorted the problem. I can now leave a glass of water out all night and it's still fine to drink in the morning. Lucky, I guess!


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I've never thought of that but yes I'll look into getting one. I sometimes fill a bottle with tap water and freeze it over night, then I put it in the fridge at work and it's ok to drink by about 10am but won't stay nice for very long, definatly needs to be gone within the hour for it to taste ok.

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