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    Ok so I know its best to drink your water by 5/6 pm and just have a small amount after that so that u arent peeing all night!

    But - at the weekends I dont seem to drink much in the mornings as I dont get up early/am doing housework etc....

    Scientifically - do you reckon that the people that drink the majority of their water early on in the day, loose more weight?

    I just thought that you are giving your body more time to rid of the water during the day...

    Just pondering over this as my weight loss as slowed slightly this week and I wondered if I should drink more in the mornings.
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  3. Sez

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    Hmm -- interesting! Hope someone knows! I tend to drink most during day if at work, 2-3 litre by 4pm, the last 1 or 2 by 9. Like you, at weekends it slows up dramatically. Wondering about this week, as o halfterm now, so no work, as such....

    Sorry, no help at all, am I?
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    what I've heard (and what makes sense to me) is that drinking the water steadily throughout the day is more likely to result in better weight losses. This is because the body needs water in order to process the breakdown of fat. If you drink all the water early in the day, any excess will be eliminated, as the body wouldn't store that much water (we'd probably need the bladder of a whale) and it could only breakdown so much fat at one time.

    Later in the day when we aren't giving the body water it won't be able to easily breakdown the fat and this slows the process up.

    Maybe there is something to drinking more water in the morning (as we have been without it all night) but maybe it is just that these people are drinking more steadily throughout the day. I don't think anyone would have any scientific evidence on this - but maybe someone will pick up on the idea and conduct a study ... I can think of more exciting things to do with my time though :). Shopping for instance.

    Not sure if I've answered you question or just waffled!
  5. karenO

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    Dont know the answer really but for what its worth i drink about 5 - 5.5 litres per day and at least 2 of those (sometimes more, maybe 2.5) will be after 7pm. I drink right up til going to bed.

    I have to have about 3 pees before i go to sleep lol but other than that dont find myself running to the loo all night.

    As far as losses are concerned, mine have been pretty consistent so far and what i'd call good losses.
  6. cheekychops

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    The most I'm managing at the moment is 3L. It's not that I don't like it, it's just remembering to drink it, which sounds silly, but hey.
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    I drink about a litre before I leave the house in the morning to kick start, I then drink about a pint per hour, hour and a half throughout the working day, and about 1-1.5 litres before 8pm then nothing till the morning :)
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    i tend to drink 6 litres a day, i know it sounds like a lot but i don't drink anything else even when im not dieting so the water for me hasnt been a problem, the best thing to do is try and drink 2 litres in the morning, and then 2 litres from say 1pm to 6pm and then if you can squeeze it in another litre or so from 6pm to 9pmish i tend to try and stop drinking water about an hour before i go to sleep, and it really does help the hunger pangs and bad breath! hope that helps xxx
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