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What on earth is happening with this weather!:sigh:

I am sat here looking out of my office window and thinking WTF!!!:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

My daughter is on a school trip to Flamingo Land (adventure park outdoor)!!!!!

It hasn't stopped raining since Tuesday.

What's it like where you are!
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Hey wob :wavey:

Its sooooo miserable isn't it!

Well I decided I need some fresh air and some chicken for my last AAM day...got up put me face on tidied my hair....was about to get dressed then it started bucketing down and thundering and lightening... CHARMING!

Hope your littlen has a great time :)

Looks like our tents gonna get flooded at Glasto next week if this keeps up lol woohoo (I secretly like mis' weather so long as it doesn't mess my hair up :)) x x
It's wet here too, been raining pretty much since Tues evening. Stopped for a couple of hours earlier, but now the sky is black once more and the thunder's rumbling in the distance.

Ahh, you can't beat a British summer :p
Flooded here,
The river has burst its banks and the motorways are virtually inacessible cos of flooding at the junctions
Luckily I live on a hill! so the water just runs past us! The roads have turned into rivers though!
Omg, I saw some of that on the news!

Glad your on a hill Spooky!

Global warming stuff scares the hell out of me..............!
Hahaha, aww bless!! Lol!
well since ive been home in west yorks from my holiday to turkey on tues it hasnt stopped raining a coleague of mine lives in the village in Barnsley thats been on the news and his whole house is flooded poor sod !

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