Wedding guest!?


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If I were you, I'd wait until about 2weeks before. At that time of year there's always lots of gorgeous wedding suitable dresses in the shops. By then you will have much clearer idea of what is the right size.

That'll be much better than buying something too small (which you'll then be angry that you can fit into) or buying something too big that won't flatter your new smaller shape (fingers crossed!)

Also, if you have lost lots of weight, shopping will be a pleasure and you'll love (not hate) trying to find something to wear at short notice.

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i would wait too. i bought an outfit about a month before a christening and then the trousers were too big. i had to take them back and they only had a skirt in my size. i went to coast. i love their clothes. i would recommend coast or monsoon if you have the dosh in august.


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I'm aiming to be at target by a september wedding im going to so i intend to buy a dress from coast, monsoon, oasis, warehouse or karen millen in their summer sale


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I'm a lover of - have sooooo much stuff from there! and there's always something more that i want!


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the lovely black dress in my sig picture was for a wedding i went to last aug... and i felt exactly the same as you.. ooohh what am i going to wear... what size should i buy it...
i brought that dress 2 weeks before (along side about 50 other dresses (as i shop online) and then sent all the others that were not right back :)