Step 1 Sole Source Week 1 Weigh In (everyone welcome)

Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by iwannabeslim1, 24 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Please feel free to post your weigh in results from today, if you weigh in on a Monday, or any other day if you wish. Everyone is welcome!

    So... today was my first weigh in and I lost 10lb :) I am very pleased with this result. :happy036:
    I have another 18lb to lose in the next 20 days, thats around 6lb a week! What a challenge, but I'm focused and determined. :character00115::whacky068:

    Challenge for week 2 - lose 6lb
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  3. vixie

    vixie New Member

    Wow!!! 10lbs is fantastic! You must be feeling fab! Well done! :wow:

    Monday's week 2 SS result for me was a mere 2.5lb :confused: but a loss is a loss I suppose! Roll on week 3!:)

    Week 1 SS - 6.5lb
    Week 2 SS - 2.5lb
    Week 3 SS -
    Week 4 SS -
    Week 5 SS -
    Week 6 SS -

  4. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey Vixie! Thank you :) and well done on your results so far!!! You have done amazingly well just sticking to SS and 2.5lb in your second week is good, a lot of people only lose a lb or nothing, due to losing so much in the first week, I would be happy if I lost that this week, but as I am on a tight deadline I am really trying my best to lose as much as possible.
    Good luck for week 3!! :) x
  5. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    Day 10

    Wow, your doing great, well done chicky

    I am on day 10 and lost 7lb when I got weighed on sat - so actually lost that in 6 days as i started last monday.

    How are you feeling on this? how long are you doing it for and are you doing Sole Source.

    Going to friends on sat and i said I am not eating or drinking so gonna be watching them all eat and drink - hopefully will be fine ;o). I will just bite my hand if I am finding it hard, hehehe.
  6. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Thank you Debs!! :)
    Well done on your loss so far, 7lb in 6 days is amazing, thats almost a lb a day! I wish I could lose that all of the time haha ;)

    I feel hungry, all of the time, not sure Im in ketosis, my sticks arent pink, they dont change colour :( so thats a bit rubbish.
    Im doing it until the 12th April at the moment, and then I have a holiday for 15 days, and I really REALLY want to lose 2 stone by that point, but Im not convinced its going to happen.. but we will wait and see.
    Yes Im doing SS at the moment, with the odd day as SS+. Im actually thinking of getting some white fish tonight, and having that with spinach, as apparently that makes a biggish looking dinner and I really feel like I might need that soon as Im so hungry all of the time.

    How are you finding it so far? And are you on SS also? How much would you ideally like to lose?
    Ooooh Saturday will be fun...?! That will certainly test your determination, I find it harder when people are eating, especially foods that I love. The other day I made my son a chicken kiev, with skinny fries, baked beans and cheese... OMG I had to resist from rugby tackling him for it! - poor sod

    When is your next weigh? Monday?
  7. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    so you don't have a lot to loose really do you hun.. I unfortunately have around 5 stones to loose ;o(, sheesamondo that sounds soo much.

    I don't feel that hungry to be honest, although I do get a few rumbles in the tum tum, but I just keep drinking water. peeing all the time,so the exercise is good :)

    15 days hols, you lucky woman, where are you going?? are you gonna do this while there, or enjoy and be as good as you can be??

    me and hubster are going away in middle of May and I am already thinking of salads and protein and then get right back on this as soon as I am back.. I am hoping that I wouldn't put
    any weight on doing that.. mad isn't how you think while on this .. Its a mental diet that's for sure..

    You could loose 1stone easily hun, its cos your not that big that's why its slower.

    Yep I weigh in on monday.. you fancy buddying up???

    haha, your son's dinner does sound right up my street too, so look how determined you are to not lick the plate :D

  8. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    Hi Hun,

    I haven't done the ketosis Sticks. you must be in ketosis hun. If your hungry, are you drinking all your water? as that seems to save me sometimes. I am on SS and have 5 stone to loose ;o(, are you loosing still on the SS+? did you do that in your first week with your fab 10lb loss??

    wow, 15 days holiday, you lucky woman, where are you going??

    We are going on hols in middle of May and am hoping to stick with fish/chicken vege and salads, I am sure I can't put on weight doing that ??? this diet is such a mental diet isn't it.. I feel bit obsessive with it as I am thinking about it all the time.. Nice to chat with someone who is doing it too ;o)

    your sons dinner sounds lush, right up my street too, but look how well you did by not licking the plate ;o). that's control hun.

    I weigh in on monday yep.. you too??
  9. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Well I still havr around 50ish lb to lose (not sure what that is in stone, maybe 3.5?) Thats loads!! haha - Im only on a tight deadline now because of a holiday Im going on but then I will be straight back on it when Im back (no doubt to lose the weight I gain whilst im away..)

    I think Im drinking enough, Im having between 4-5 litres a day, Im used to drinking lots of water anyway so that isnt really any different for me but I notice its a real challenge for some people!

    Yep last week I done mixture or SS and SS+ (mainly because I was starving so badly that I was literally on the tip of cheating so my consultant told me to do that rather than risk falling off the wagon) so yes the 10lb loss was inc about 4 days on SS+ :)

    We are going to Mexico, and I really cant wait but hence the determination to lose as much as possible as I have size 12 bikinis to get into (which I am currently no where close to fitting into) :( challenge and a half!! This is definitely a mental thing like you say, Im literally telling myself every few mins to just stick with it and you can do this - which is why everyday drags for me now!!! :/
    Yes when Im away Im going to be sticking to salads and meat and thats it, Im not carb binging as it will only make me ill and bloated and I really dont need that when Im wearing swimwear everyday!
    Oooooh where are you going in May??? Is that your goal your aiming for? How much do you want to lose by then?

    Monday is weigh in day for me, we should def buddy up! I tend to rant a lot of the time on here and thats mainly because I find it helps with the constant starvation torture Im going through! Haha
    Also... did you measure yourself at the beginning??x
  10. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    Wow mexico, amazing, you will have a fab time, have you been before? I haven't but a friend of mine just got back and she said it was amazing ;o).
    we are going to portugal 19th May - only for a week, but I would love to loose 2 more stone by then - but we are going to vegas in october for a friends 40th which we are sooooooooooo mega excited about, that I would
    love to be slim by then, but really I want to be 11 stone by august if I can. I am worried about the steps, thinking I wouldn't loose on the next steps, which is mad, as everyone could loose on the 1000 cal couldn't they. My relationship with food is soooooooooo messed up through years of dieting and putting on blah blah blah.

    so you doing the 810sometimes makes me feel better considering you lost 10lb.

    have you weighed yourself ? how much do you wanna loose by Monday.. i really would love another 7lb but not sure I will..

    defo up for buddying up. it does get you abit obsessed this diet eh.. shall we take it off here and email ? or keep on here? bit annoying on here as you never know if you have a reply.

    Hope you have a good day.

  11. ZippyPH

    ZippyPH Member

    Well done on a great first week's loss 'Wannabeslim1'. That is amazing and very encouraging. I am just about at the end of day 2. Had a headache off and on today. but overall OK.
  12. ZippyPH

    ZippyPH Member

    Mexico will be great. I have a holiday coming up in July - Port Douglas North Queensland Australia. 15 weeks - I want to be 12 kilos down (2 stones). Roll on Holidays!
  13. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey Debs, sorry for my delayed reply, its been a crazy few days at home (teenage son issues!!) if you go on subscribed threads it should let you know people who have replied to threads that you have, thats the only way I can keep track! :)

    Im not sure it was the 810 Ive done, with the 200cal meal, its more like 650 for the day?

    I havent been before no, but I just cant wait to be on a beach for 2 weeks and not doing anything haha - Ive heard great things so Im really excited!! Portugal will be lovely and warm, and May still gives you enough time to get lose the weight, I think you can lose the 2 stone by then, just need to be really good :D and Vegas too how amazing!! have you been before? I went 2 years ago and bloody loved it, it really is my kind of place, big, dramatic, over the top and plus casinos galore, where I got hooked to the slots haha - you will have an amazing time out there and what a great incentive to keep you on track!

    I have been weighing myself yes and it seems Ive only lost 3lb this week (boooo, half of what I actually wanted!) and my weigh in has changed to tomorrow as I had a stupid meeting at work that i couldnt get out of which is when my weigh in time was meant to be. Have you been weighing yourself this week? What time if your weigh in today?
    To be honest Im not that annoyed at the 3lb as I have had about 4 meals SS+ meals this week, so I guess that might have slowed things down a bit? Im going to try SS only for the next 7 days straight, really have to focus now with 13 days left!!

    Good luck for today - let me know how you get on!x
  14. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hi Zippy, thank you! I think you can definitely lose 2 stone by then! Good luck with it :) x
  15. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member


    Nice to hear from you ;o), I have now subscribed, didn't realise I had to do that bit too. :eek:

    Do you have a teenage son?? you not old enough woman..

    3lb is amazing if you have had a little food too. and yep your right, you wouldn't be having 810 cals if its only a small meal.. and a week of SS should shift a nice amount for you. Just think of your lush holiday..

    Not been to vegas before but am mega excited, I do love a bit of over the topness :p. Just been looking at the helicopter ride which we are gonna do and the Cirque de solei.. need to start saving some casharoony sharpish.

    I get weighed at 7pm tonight and been weighing every day.. haha, shouldn't really do that, but I like to see what's happening..

    let me know how you get on too and good luck.
  16. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Only 2lb lost this week :( not a very happy bunny, managed to put on 1.5lb since yesterday and no idea why.... x
  17. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    2lb is good hun, don't be disheartened.. the scales fluctuate all the time. so you prob have lost 3 really.. I lost 5lb last night at weigh in and I was disappointed as my home scales say I have lost 7.. I guess we are never happy unless its a large amount, but I reckon if you don't loose large amounts all the time it means your loosing fat rather than just water and the fat stays off if you do it slower. so keep your chin up chicken.

    your still 2lb less :)
  18. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Aww thanks sweet you have cheered me up :) I know it's so annoying when your weight fluctuates and you're right it means it's true fat rather then just water. The even more annoying thing is that I had lost 2 lb yesterday when I weighed myself and I gained 1.5 this morning when I done nothing wrong or different yesterday it's very annoying and frustrating.

    5lb!!! Was that your first weigh in? That's an amazing loss in one week, I wish I could lose weight like that every week. How are you finding it?? I'm soooo cold today brrrr lol xx
  19. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    You should be really proud do yourself. Bet you loose more next week..

    I lost 7lb in th first week so 12lb in two weeks but quests it won't be that much from now on. Mad isn't it how we are never happy. Wish there was a pill you can take at night and wake up slim hehe

    I am not finding it too hard. I think it's very up and down how you feel as it is extreme but if u like me, i have tried everything and only works for so long then I go back to bad habits. I am thinking of it as a detox and getting rid of all the crap I have eaten and Start again like a baby eating solids hehe. Hope I stay thinking like this

    you be proud Hun. X
  20. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Thanks hun, thats a really good way of thinking of it, a detox to get rid of all the crap your body has stored and eaten over the time :) I had a day of feeling very annoyed and sorry for myself yesterday, and thinking about whether this is really for me. I even drove to KFC!!! (my favourite!!!!) and called my OH and he said "if you really think it will help get one, but Im not encouraging you and Im not having one and I think you will regret it as you will undo all of the hard work you have put in so far" bless him.... so I came back home, had a long bath, read some magazines and then watched a film before bed. I needed that kick as I really did almost cave in, and unfortunately I always do this when I dont get the results I want/expect. Like you say, if only you could take a pill and be slim, it would be amazing!

    Oh well, back in the swing of things today and Im spending a week not exercising or stepping on the scales and see how it works for me during this coming week (well 5 days now).

    Thanks for taking the time to cheer me up, I really appreciate it :) x
  21. Debsiedoda

    Debsiedoda Member

    well done for not giving in sweetie, you must be proud of yourself ;o). there will be up and down days, its just how we cope ehh. How long have you been doing it for now? I am into my 3rd week, first few days I didn't think I could do it.. still not sure how long I will do SS for, but will carry on until I am literally gagging for food. Good on your hubby too, bless him. would have been so easy to go and eat, much more harder to not do it. so big pat on the back from moi to you ;o). you go girly.

    Are you ok today?
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