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don't feel disappointed with that hun.it's great!
you're doing fantastic and are having great losses each week.
i've had 2 2lb losses but was fine again the next week.these things tend to pop up now and again.
good luck for this week x
Thanks Joanne, I know what you mean, it's probably cos I've got so much to lose that I felt like that. Looking forward to next week now and a better loss!

Clair x
Well done!

I know it's easy to get despondent when you think about how much you have to lose but it's 2.5lb off - better than 2.5lb on - and that makes you 2.5lb closer to your goal!

You've done fantastically well - and I hope I'm half as successful as you. Keep going strong x
well done on ur loss hun. from what i gather from other peoples posts if they lose a little 1 week they tend to have a big loss the week after. good luck for next wks wi.
x x
Well done on 2.5lbs. I know you prob feel like you shud be losing more but its still a great loss and as the others have said you will prob have a big loss next week. Well done on being so positive.
:whoopass: for being disappointed!

Awww Clair, you're doing brilliantly! Don't be disappointed! Look at how much you've lost overall in such a short space of time.

Keep thinking of that sexy, healthy new body that is emerging week by week, and the confidence it's bringing you!

Betsy, thanks for the ass whoop, I deserve it!
I have came to realise that I was being daft, and I should stay positive, any loss it good!
This morning, I tried on the jeans I wore to my first WI, and OMG, I could fit a small person in there! Before doing that, It was quite hard to see how much my body had changed, even though others were telling me!

Thank you!

Clair x
Well Clair, meet your Sister! Hi! I look at people as if they're daft when they're gasping at my loss. I can not see it like everyone else. I'm kind of standing there wondering what all the fuss is about! I know my clothes are swinging from me but yet I still feel I'm the weight I was 11 weeks ago! (If that all makes sense!) I've body dismorphia thing going on, needs sorted out. I also think it's because I've still a hell of a lot to lose.

Did you take a pic before you started?

You're welcome, anytime you need an ass whoop, I'm happy to oblige! :D
I think it's the case that we have spent so long not liking the look of ourselves, therefore avoided looking too closely (if you get what I mean?) I would always just think of myself as 'massive' and that's that. I even got to the point where I would avoid seeing people as I was too ashamed with myself.

I do have a picture before I started, but it is only a head shot taken on my mobile & I hate looking at it. I think I didn't take a full shot because I really didn't believe in myself, huge mistake!

Just thinking that the speed you are losing, you could be at target easily by Christmas!!!

Clair x


Otherwise known as Jools
A loss is a loss, so all's gooood :D As mentioned you have to look at the bigger picture and see the fantastic progress you have made so far :D :D


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Well done on your loss this week!! And hey, next weeks WI will most likely see you achieve a 50lbs total weightloss so far, in just 11 weeks! That's incredible! Hope I can have similar success on LT!!

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