Week 14 WI

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  1. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Hello all,

    I hope you are all having a great day and all the Monday Club are reporting great losses.:D

    I walked to the chemist this morning for my loss feeling a bit cautious. Don't get me wrong, in 14 weeks I have never cheated and stuck to the diet to the letter but I did nip on my scales before I left home and it didn't look like I'd lost an ounze! I was feeling a bit bloated, which didn't help coz I needed the loo!

    The pharmacist weighed me ,as I feared, I'd only lost 3/4kg which is 1.65lb.:sigh: At first I was really down and depressed but that is not me. I walked home in the sun and decided that this week was over and the next WI was another WI and had to be better.

    Typically, 4 hours after WI I finally did a poo!!!! (I know, tmi!!!!! And yes I know I should've taken a ducolax last night!!)

    Even though I haven't lost a great deal of pounds I know I have lost inches coz I can fit into a smaller size!!! Yay!!!!!:D

    Every cloud has a silver lining.:)

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  3. I dont like the :( face in your title....!!!!!

    Glad your post ended up more positive than it started cuddles... you are such a lovely positive person and you have almost lost 2 pounds and i am sure that dump would have weighed a pound or 2 :) bonus!

    I bet next week you bouncing about here with a big 5 pounds off! :D

    love ya and well done!

    CANKSTER Silver Member

    I love your positive attitude, happy pooing x
  5. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Thanks Cankster and Julz. I must admit to feeling a bit down but it didn't last. As I said in another post, life is too short to be miserable, and I have had such a high this weekend getting into a size 16 skirt and squeezing into a size 14 (although the 16 was way too short for me and the 14 was too tight!) that I wasn't going to be down for long.

    You lot on here keep me smiling!!

    Thanks Julz, it was defo a good 2lbs!!!!!! Typical that it happened after the WI and not before!!! Lol!!!

    I'm going to change my target to 2.5lbs coz I'm still determine to make that 5 stone mark!!!!!

    Big cuddles.

  6. SarahC4107

    SarahC4107 Full Member

    Know what you mean cuddlyfairy cos I'm exactly the same. I had 2 weeks where I only lost a kilo and I was really disappointed. However, the guy that weighs me only works in kilos and rounds up or down to the nearest kilo which I hate! Give me good old fashioned pounds and ounces any day. When I got home and converted it, it actually worked out to be 2.9lb each week so not too bad. Don't be down about it - you have lost virtually a stone in the last 4 weeks which is what they reckon on LT and, when you think about it, is BLOODY FAB! Keep going hun, you're doing great. x
  7. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

    well done cuddlyfairy x
  8. SamiAnn

    SamiAnn Full Member

    Hi Cuddly Fairy, well done on the loss and the inch loss also xxx
  9. Kay

    Kay Gold Member

    Well done with your loss CF :clap:
    Your bound to have a bigger loss next week ;) roll on next wi :D
  10. satty

    satty Full Member

    Silver lining?? you spent 14 weeks without cheating, you havent put any weight on!! you have still lost weight!!! and your geting into smaller sized clothes, I think thats more then a silver lining, :D
  11. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    You are so right Satty. I have lost a lot of weight in 14 weeks and I know I couldn't have done it with any other diet.

    I wasn't down for long and the walk home in the sun was just what I needed (that and my son who cycled beside me cheering me up).

    Thank you all for your encouragement.


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