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Week 4 weigh in..

Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by Fattyboomboom14, 24 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Fattyboomboom14

    Fattyboomboom14 Well-Known Member

    7lb loss..

    iv hit my two stone loss today :)
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  3. LadyJayne21

    LadyJayne21 Active Member

    Wow!! Well done! Xx

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  4. minus117

    minus117 Well-Known Member

    Well done :)
    Can you feel a difference yet?
  5. jellibelli

    jellibelli Well-Known Member

    That is amazing! Well done you must be buzzing! Great motivation and inspiration for us :)
  6. ShelleyWebb

    ShelleyWebb Member

    Well done
  7. leehal

    leehal Well-Known Member

    Fab x
  8. MrsElms

    MrsElms Active Member

    Well done
  9. lula09

    lula09 Active Member

    That's great!
  10. Fattyboomboom14

    Fattyboomboom14 Well-Known Member

    A little, I can tell on my face. But I'm really poorly ATM so all I want to do is have a cuppa n some biscuits. So iv stayed in bed all weekend.

    only big difference I can tell is that my clothes are too big and I have nothing to wear :(
  11. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Well-Known Member

    Well done 2st in 4 weeks is brill!!!
  12. Tyntyn

    Tyntyn Active Member

    Congrats! ;-)
  13. bluedress21

    bluedress21 Well-Known Member

    amazing well done!!! :) seeing results like that hlep me realise this isnt going to take forever!!! are you doing ss?
  14. Fattyboomboom14

    Fattyboomboom14 Well-Known Member

    yeah ss.. i also have coke zero!
  15. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Well-Known Member

    That is amazing - well done!!! :)
  16. Fattyboomboom14

    Fattyboomboom14 Well-Known Member

    6lb this week xx
  17. jellibelli

    jellibelli Well-Known Member

    Well done fattyboomboom! You're name really doesn't suit you have to be skinnyminnie or something ;) 6lbs is fab I weighing in at 12.30 !

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