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week 5 on lighter life


Striving for slimness
Nope you're not going mad, I've been on LL for 19 weeks now and I still watch cookery tv, read cook books, smell food and even joined a recipe sharing website! I also cook all the time, I think it's just how some of us deal with LL. If it helps you and you still haven't lapsed then go for it I say!


Gotta Make A Change
me too
You're doing brilliantly, well done :)

I also buy cook books, though luckily that's easing a bit now but I do have a brilliant son who's good enough to let me sniff his meals :)
I go to bed and read cookery books before I go to sleep :D I also have a notebook where I constantly jot down recipe ideas and I also went through all my back issues of good food magazine and ripped out all the recipes I want to keep and copied down some others.
Whilst on abstinence, I became a baking fiend - bread, muffins, cakes, cookies, you name it. My family loved me! I became quite concerned with this slavish need to fill everyone around me with sugar laden goodies whilst watching them eat with undisguised lasciviousness. I had a friend 'diagnose' me with "feeder syndrome" - you know those strange men who feed their girlfriends like foie gras geese until they are so obese they can't move! Charming!
Now I'm on Route to Management, the urge to bake has left me but my son remembers that time with fondness!
P.S. I didn't cheat once!


Silver Member
Lasciviousness - fabulous word - love it!!!

I may have to try and work that into one of my submissions. Its clearly a word that deserves to be used more - rather than actually acting it of course!!

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