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Week 8 weigh in - ok to be disappointed?

Hi all,

Ok, today was my 8th weigh in and I lost 2lbs, I was gutted :( I know a loss is a loss and I am grateful for it but the bigger losses are what make SS worth while!

I was in a similar situation a couple of weeks back where I only lost 1lb and was really upset, it is so hard to understand how you can lose 4-5lbs one week and 1-2lbs another when you are physically consuming the same thing :confused:

When I lost the 1lb I had just had a very stressful week with hospital visits and my cdc felt the stress had effected my loss and then again last week I had another stressful week :cry: and wonder if this is the reason for the lower loss???

I know our bodies will do what they want but it is a little disheartening that's all.

I remember my doctor advising that when people suffer from big bouts of stress the body copes by using fight or flight but if someone suffers from constant low level anxiety the body may not function as efficiently as it should, including weight loss, quite interesting really??!!

When doing ww or sw you can work out what you have eaten to cause the gain/lower loss etc but with ss it is different as it's the same every day and I guess I am just trying to make sense of it?

What do you all think? Will I drive myself insane trying to make sense when really I can't? :D:eek:

Thanks peeps xxx
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i think you will hon. it's always disappointing to get a slightly lower loss, but you will get a slightly higher loss another week to compensate. 3lbs is an average after all. try not to think about it too much hon. with all your dashing about did you drink as much water as usual? increase your salt intake with something like bouillon? when we are doing ss there aren't that many things we can do to alter our losses... it's just our bodies retaining different amounts of water usually...

abz xx

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I know it can be disappointing but if you look at the bigger picture you have lost 32lbs in 8 weeks!
Thanks girls, I know you are right really, it's just that initial panic, oh no i hope every week isn't going to be 2lb now! Was interested to see if anyone found stress/worry slowed their losses down?

I have been really trying to drink the water so getting through at least 2.5litres, mostly over 3.

The bigger is picture is great so thanks for reminding me :D

Anyone know what the deal with sugar free chewing gum is? Can it mess up ketosis or just make you hungry by chewing? xx
You havedone really well so far so dont be unhappy. I am sure stress does things, I suffer from anxiety and take a low level antidepressant everyday to combat this if I forget to take it my mood changes significantly due to the excess adrenalin and I guess it would be the same for people not on tablets its a protection mechanism which shows you body is responding normally


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hey hon. some people's body's treat sweeteners like carbs i believe. but mainly i think the deal on sugar free gum is that it makes you hungry and get's your stomach churning for something. there are people on here who use it without a problem but more that end up craving like mad!!

abz xx
Try not to be disheartened! It could be fluid retention or stress liek your doc suggests....also, have you been taking your measurements? you may have lost inches this week?!

Congratulations on losing a whopping 32lbs in 8 weeks!!! I'd be in heaven if i can do that!! Well done you! xx
Thanks everyone, feeling alot more positive today, think yesterday I was hoping for more so when it didn't happen I felt a little disheartened and lost sight of the bigger picture. I suspect stress doesn't help me as it triggers headaches too so I need to calm/chill a bit more :D

I am a natural born worrier to be honest :eek::eek: but my business is quite a constant stress unfortunately!

Thanks for taking the time to reply, it's good to have some back up in moments of doubt xxx
Glad you are feeling a bit more positive today. Just remember Cambridge guarantee one stone a month not 3.5lbs per week. Our bodies just dont work like that.

You weight loss so far is well above average you are doing great.

could be a number of factors, but if you ss then it will come off, but you have lost a load of weight feel positive about that x
Thanks again, yes you are all right, if I had lost 3lb last week and 3lb this week I would have been happy and I actually lost 4lb last week and 2lb this week so was too focused on one weigh in :eek:

I guess my body is not very consistent :D

hi, its my 6th weigh in and i too have only lost 2lb, so i know how you feel...absolutley gutted :(
Hi there Vampalicious - arh sorry you have had the same, it's disappointing isn't it, like the others have said to me, you have still had a fantastic overall loss so hope that helps a little xx
i know, i guess ill have to think of it that way, 6 weeks ago i was almost 2 stone heavier!

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