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Weigh in tomorrow!

I got it wrong my first weigh in wasn't today its tomorrow! I'd got my self all ready for it and now i'm more scared than ever I could cry. I've followed it all to a tee, but don't feel or look any different at all still and now it's also my TOTM!! I can't believe it!

I'm going to be gutted if theres not a least a few pounds gone, this weeks been awful enough without this going rubbish too. Fingers crossed tho, i can but hope. wish me luck please.:cry: :)
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Loads of Luck! keep cool:cool: If you didn't cheat this week, you'll be golden. :D

Tomorrow's my day too, but for week two. I feel like you too. Grrrr. I better have lost more than a pound. I'll be so mad. Good luck to both of us, eh?
Good luck to both of you guys for tomorrow, I actually cannot wait for Monday so I can have my first weigh in!

Caffsean don't worry hun, just wait and see what tomorro brings, sometimes, especially when we have out TOTM it can feel like you've lost nothing cause you might feel bloted, but if you've been TFR all week then theres no reason why you won't have a great loss:)

And remember, one day at a time:)
Aw. Thanks Slim me! Sometimes, I'm one hour at a time. Even after 13 days, I still have waves. . . oh "ooooh I want to eat that" and not because I'm hungry. Seriously, every time I see and avocado, I have to tell it no. :D
Lol Diva your gas....still talking to food:D

And avacados at that!!!!!!!!! At least its healthy food talk......I just swoon even passing mc donalds, while I'de skip past the fruit bowl no bother!!!!!

Actually come to think of it...........avacado.........is it a fruit......or is it a veg,hummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
thank you both, i'm really hoping it'll be ok. I really have stuck to it strictly (admittantly i've been surprised how well I've taken to it) but i just want to show that it is making a difference!

I suppose I'm worried too as the nurse that does the lipotrim stuff at the docs seemed to think that I wouldn't be able do it and I desperately want to prove her wrong! :mad:

....and avacados a fruit. lmao. :)
Good luck to everyone tomorrow I too am being weighed in first time... i went to chemist Tuesday but was told I could not start til this Friday but gave me a free sample pack to do me till then, she asked would i like to be weighed that day or on Friday, i chose Friday as i want that day to be my regular weigh in
Garrrrrr. Caffseen. People like that nurse do my head in!!!! They're programing us for defeat? I mean, how hard would it be to say "I know you can do this!" Well. Look at you. You get to go prove that nurse wrong!

And we'll be here for you for week 2 as well so you can go back AGAIN and watch the doubting face be rubbed in it. :D

Hiya Thunder thighs! Welcome to the journey! Its a tough one, but worth it. Just keep your chin up and keep coming to these boards especially when you feel like you might start gnawing your own arm off. :D
That's exactly what i'm hoping to do, prove her wrong entirely, I just felt like she really looked down her nose at me for no good reason really i've only met her twice (both times about lipotrim).

I've also been excersising my ass off too (literally i hope! - lol) so that should make a difference.

Thank you all for the support though and I'll let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed! ;)


Never give up
You'll all do brilliantly. My week 4 weigh-in is tomorrow morning. I haven't been 100% this week but my lapses have been miniscule, so I'm hoping for a couple of pounds at least.

We can all report back tomorrow. Bet we've lost over a stone between us! :D

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