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Weigh In

Hi Anna, don't be disappointed 4lbs is fabulous, well done!!

I duno, I think its cos last wk i was still retaining water and so thought it wud be a larger loss. I know wot ur saying and I was going to move to 790 but dont want to feeling motivated to get this weight off and at least get over half way!!! My cdc said I had to have AAM Is that right??
Well done !
I know exactly what you mean bo-lady, having suffered wit TOTM this week I am hoping for more next week but don't lose sight of the fact that 4lbs is still a good loss and you are doing brilliantly overall as well. Not got to AAM yet myself but I understand that you have to do it unless you have doctors sign off not too. Many people have had good losses on AAM week and sometimes it can even kick start your system.

Hey George,
Thanks hun, I did do AAM and I lost 5 pounds but I hated it, everyday I added a bit more food on my plate and then the week after just wanted to eat!!!! So I really dont wana have to do it again. Also I am going to have to eat on sun and mon as going to go to H2B's families and cant really not so planning on doing a 790 for those 2 days!!!! Y is life never simple? I just wana be thin!!!!
I know what you mean, I was thinking of getting myself some ruby slippers, clicking my heals three times, I want to be slim, I want to be slim, I want to be slim ..... think it'll work??

Hey either way it sounds like a damn good excuse to by new shoes to me!

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