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Weighing in every day


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Most people on WW here tend to try and steer away from daily weigh ins lol

A daily weigh in isnt really a good idea, people tend to get very despondent
I agree with Starlight here, it's a bad habit to get into, as apparently your weight changes daily between +2lbs and -2lbs! That's why WW give you a week for your weight to get right each week for proper reading, if you can WI everyday and not take to heart what the scales show then it's fine, ... just if your reporting a loss now... then when it comes to official day and you actually gain... you have to live with that :D if it's a loss still amazing! but doesn't always turn out that way trust me! :) i WI everyday but i know not to get hopes up, or be down in the dumps until official WI :) xx
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i often weigh myself daily-but not religiously, and although i know that your weight can change +2 or -2 in a day, i did get a bit upset when i weighed myself one day to find i was 2lb heavier than the previous day.........so i have decided to keep of the scales until weigh in day, as i am the kind of person to really get down bout it.
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I have to admit that the last time I was doing WW I did weigh myself every morning and got really down if it showed a gain. I now only weigh myself on my official WI day!

Sharkbait1983 x
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i weigh myself prob 2 times a week at home,,then official wi on thurs,,my official weight loss is 1 stone with ww but as of this morning i'm 1 lb off my original 2 stone loss,,which had me dancing around the bathroom,tying to cut out weighing as it oes get me down and everyone totally confused when i keep texting to say down a lb up a 1lb:)
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oh i ahve to agree that 1 wi a week is good as i got in to a bad thing of it last week and i was gutted to see the different changes in my weight and ended up standing on the 3-4 times a day just to get a low reading thins week i aint going near them till next monday! i want to see a loss ! x
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I have to admit I have a bad habit of weighing myself too often but if it does appear to be up I remind myself it's not weigh in day so there is still time for it to change. I had a major fear of scales for a long time and avoided them and that's probably why I was up so much when I got the courage to step on and I think my obsession stems from that. I must get my hubby to hide the scales and only bring them out to me once a week :)
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I'm also a bit of a scaleaholic - I weigh myself every weekday in the morning. I like to check my weight on friday to see what damage I do over the weekend :eek: I also like to see how I fluctuate depending on what I do during the week. My scales are v accurate (to 0.2lb) & so far they do seem to reflect if I've been good the day before or not! :D I weigh in at meetings on monday so keep that as my official stats.
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Wow!! All your feedback is great......I still don't know whether to stop weighing myself everyday tho :s I get bored so easily so if I wake up a pound lighter it does encourage me to stay focused however, I do also admit that if I am up a pound then I comfort eat......grrrr catch 22!!!!
Lol xx xx
If a result on the scales can make you comfort eat then you need to stop the daily wi. Unless youre doing a VLCD when your weight actually can drop daily or you can weigh yourself and ignore the fluctuations youre doing more harm than good.

I dont have scales at home I weigh in at my mums, when I was on WW Id check when I got there on a Sunday for dinner and the number of times I was gutted because it showed a gain of maybe 2lbs but by the time I did my official wi on a Monday Id lost 3lbs.... I know if I weighed daily at that time Id have end ed up totally off plan.

Stick to a weekly weigh in - for the sake of your sanity ;)

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