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weight loss - how much?

Sadly there isn't any hard and fast rules of how much you are 'meant' to lose.
It really does depend on how much weight you have to lose overall, how much water you have drank in the week, what else you have eaten, the amount of speed foods you have consumed and if you have done loads of exercise or none at all. Your hormones and whether it is star week can also make a difference.

You will learn how your body responds to the diet and how much on average you lose depending on the type of week you have had.

Sorry there is no firm answer!!


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It all depends on the individual metabolism I'm afraid, I am a 1lb a week slogger, but some dieters on here regularly lose 2/3lbs a week.

Although it is recommended that a dieter only lose 2lbs a week, that is considered a safe loss for good health.


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I have been doing SW since March and have had ups and downs, but am determined to stick to it. Currently I am 13 1/2lb lighter and happy with that. Some days I don't have any syns as I am not hungry, other days I have them all..I try to drink between 1 1/2 - 2 ltr of water a day, and exercise. Although this week I have been ill and unable to exercise I shall see what my weigh in says on Monday..
Everyone is different and lose weight at different rates..What works for you and other people is totally different...Hopefully you will find SW a rewarding experience and get to your target healthily and happily..

Last time I did slimming world I had lots of ups and downs and it felt as if everytime I had a big weight loss the next week I had a gain.

I think losing a 1lb a week would be good, if you did that every week for a year it's 52lb, that's a lot.
I've lost (half a pound under) 3 stone, in 20 weeks. I have about 10 syns a day and am very strict about sticking to the plan. I love SW!


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Scarlet Daisy, that's awesome!!
Keep up the good work..
I plan a weekly menu and shop only for what's on that...
If I make more then I freeze it and use it for another weeks meals.
It makes it much easier and less likely to cheat....
wow scarlet daisy thats amazing!!! maybe i need to lower mine as i dont lose that much if i stick to it i lose 1/2 to a pound then i get fed up!!
Just remember there is no quick fix to this, its better to be nice and steady and learn a healthy eating plan which you can maintain for ever, rather than get to target and then do the yoyo diet.


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I have only been on SW diet for 1 week but I have put 1 pound on even though I have followed the green diet and had 10 or less syns a day has anyone else put weight on?
It does happen, but there can be many reasons for it. It could be "star" week, changing your diet and your body panicking! It's easy to make mistakes at first, no one gets their head round the plan in week one. I'll bet you have a really good loss next week, but in the meantime why don't you put a diary on the diary section, or put a days meals on here and we can check it for you.
Thank you for your reply, this is the first time for me to use this forum. I'll give the SW diet more time, I know it's too soon yet to judge, and hope that it settles down. but everyone else seems to loose a lot on thier first week. I am enjoying this sw diet, I love the food and I'm never hungry. I love the recipies that I've found on this site.
Hi I did ee for my first week and lost a 1LB, yes I was disappointed but like the nice ladies on here say "its a loss":). when I did this diet before (Red) I maintained so I know its my body. I now look at my weight loss over a month, not weekly:eek:

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Stick with it!

I've been a SW member since January last year and I've lost 80lbs (so far) - That's 5st 10lbs - It hasn't been a steady 2lbs a week, or even a pound a week, sometimes I've stayed the same, other weeks I've gained! However, I'm really glad I've stuck with it because when I look at how far I've come, well I'm delighted! If I can do it you can too!

I found green days best at first because I seemed to be really hungry at the start, I found I lost more on red if I gave it a full week - but since Christmas I've been doing extra easy mostly because it seems to be just that - easy!

Best o'luck'n'stuff to all SW members out there - in fact anyone trying to shift those pounds! ;)

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