Weight Watchers sausages


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Hi could someone clarify if the ww sausages are 1/2 syn each on EE as well?? Thank you


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Will get some of them then :)


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That's right, the syn value would be higher on green because of the meat content.


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WW sausages are lovely! I keep them in my freezer so always have some and at 1/2 syn each they are perfect x


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WeightWatchers 8 Premium Pork Sausages

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me the syn value on EE for the above sausages. I know the WW 6 pack premium pork sausages were 1 syn per sausage but I'm not sure how to work out these new sausages.


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what is the syn value on green? thanks :D


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what is the syn value on green? thanks :D

Weight Watchers Premium Pork Sausages (6 per pack - 400g)

they say that there is 80 cals per sausage so i would say they are 4 syns each on green ??

hope this helps x


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morrisons eat smart sausages are 63 cals each so 3 syns each ?

asda GFY sausages are 68 cals each so 3 1/2 syns each ?



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W.W Sausages now FREE!
Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else has posted this but Weight Watchers new sausages (with pro-points on the packet and 8 in a pack) now come up as 0 SYNS on red and E.E!! :D put them through the syns calculator several times to double check, so enjoy everyone :)
Jen xxxx

I thought I'd remembered seeing that the new WW Sausages (8 Pk) were now coming up as free.
The above post is in this thread but back on 14th Jan.
I haven't been able to find any in my supermarkets but I keep an eye open just in case.


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Just found this thread ive worked it out as 4 syns each ???