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well here I go,day 1 for Bindiboo


Hi its me again
Here I am on day 1. 4inches of snow outside and really cold. Woke up this morning almost forgetting that today was the day,until I did remember and thought "oh,today is the day I start, ahhh all that drinking water again!"

So after getting the kids to school I have come home and gabbed on the phone for an hour.

Off I go to face my first glug of water, warm of course!! Down it goes all 1 litre of it and a cup of tea as well.

Least I managed a litre . Now only another 1.5 or 2 litres to go. Now to decide which pack to have first.

Need to think up some goals as well..................now lets see..............................................................

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Trying to stay healthy!
hi bindiboo, well done on making the decision to get going, hope your day goes well!
Snow almost gone here in Cardiff, kids not impressed as school didn't close once...love em!

Good luck with your 1st week


Hi its me again
morning bindi :)

best of luck with day one. we had crap all snow here im in middle of ireland :(
COR lucky you, we had loads here in Derby. Kids were playing out in it this morning before school. No doubt will be out in it after school. Me I am sitting in the nice and warm in front of the fire:D

Got to go to work this evening though:(

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hope you're getting on well - lucky you the schools being open with 4 inches of snow! lol I'm expecting our school to ring and ask us to collect our 3 girls as the snow has started up again..

Really hope you find the diet easy, you do get used to the water. :)

Look forward to reading about your losses soon! :)
good luck with day 1 im in the same boat unfortunately far too much snow in East Anglia all schools closed so having to watch kids tv, usually at work but decided to stay at home with daughter, and have mum daughter day rather then send her to her nans, then OH came home from work peace has been shattered!!!
Good luck for day one, we've got about 7ins snow this morning, school is closed so Libby is home with me, I should be working but it is far too cold for running around the paintball site, we've got plenty of staff in today so I'm staying in the warm. Keep glugging that water!


Taking one day at a time.
Good luck for day 1 - definitely off to a great start with the litre of water already!
im on my first day too!
have done CD Before and lost a lot of weight (got down from 13st4 to 9st11) but am now up to 11st9 - aiming for 9st11 again
cant wait to lose the weight!


Hi its me again
well I have braved the weather and ventured out to do some errands. Nip over to my sis in laws for a coffee b4 picking youngest up from school. my tummy rumberling whilst i was there. Hushing my tum with my second litre of water now...............whoohoo only 1/2 litre of water to go. now what to have for my second cd meal b4 I go to work...............god I am gonna be running up the stairs evry 5 mins to go to the loo...ahh well that will give me some excersize.


Silver Member
Hi Bindiboo!

I too just restarted CD (last Sunday) and started with the snow too (live in SE) :D. I read it as a good omen: clean slate and all that :D

Well done on your 1st day and drinking all that water. I drink it in litre too otherwise I know I wouldn't drink the 4 pints if I only drank when I fancied it :rolleyes:

Snow is gone here, but the school were shut at the start of the week. But I don't have kids and I'm a teacher, so it was all positive for me :p They are forecasting more snow, so we will see. :D

I wish you good luck in your journey and I will bookmark your thread, to follow your adventure.

Elie xoxo


Strong women stay slim
Hi Bindi
Wishing you happy days on CD and a new you soon !
I have to get my head into CD again .


Hi its me again
well back from work now and have had my last pack for the day. Had some more rumbles in the tum but kept busy and kept gluging. will be shortly off to bed and here ends my survival of day 1. Now just to get through day 2

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done Bindi :) you sound so on the ball I'm sure this will be a great week for you! :)

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