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Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by laurenmay, 12 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. laurenmay

    laurenmay Gold Member

    For me it's my first girly holiday! There's 6 of us going to centerparcs in late August and I'm determined to do two things that I haven't done for EIGHT YEARS!!

    o wear a bikini
    o get in a swimming pool!

    I'm also having a boob job late May of this year, so that's another goal of mine.

    New boobies & a bikini and a holiday for me!!

    Picturing these things keeps me on the straight & narrow and has got me back in the gym to work hard for what I want :)
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  3. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    Sounds brilliant reasons to stick to the diet! Esp the boob job bit! Ha ha! I'm jealous!

    I'm working towards my holiday in may and I want to be slim ASAP really. As the fortune teller told me I'd met my furtive husband this summer!! Ha ha! No harm in being prepared if its true or not! Lol x

    Currently 14st 9.7lbs
  4. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    Ps centre parcs is brilliant!! Have the best time x

    Currently 14st 9.7lbs
  5. Thrashscara

    Thrashscara Member

    ill be working towards getting slinky for the summer, i would love to go kayaking and swimming with my boyfriend in the sea, instead of making silly excuses and staying in the pub!
  6. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    im wanting to feel better in my own skin
    also friends are planning a holiday and i want to not be worrying about being fat in the photos
    also some cheek bones would be nice lmao
  7. wobbly tum!

    wobbly tum! Full Member

    To be happy and confident about myself again.

    To keep me on the straight and narrow hubby promised me that he'd take me to New York after I'd lost 2 stone :) Just think of all the weight I could put on there though, just in a weekend!!! LOL :eek:
    Just over 1/2 stone to go :D

  8. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    id be dangerous if i went to usa
    id be like gimme those manvfood challanges :D
  9. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    Ohhhh that would be lovely! I'd like some collarbones too! X

    Currently 14st 8.7lbs
  10. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Gold Member

    I'm similar to the op -

    I originally tried to wear a bikini last year and chickened out I didn't feel comfy! I did however wear a tankini!

    But this year I want to wear a bikini as I never have done before! X
  11. Iwant2beasize12

    Iwant2beasize12 Silver Member

    I want collarbones and cheekbones lol :p ... I AM working towards feeling sexy in a nice size 14 on my 25th Birthday on October 5th! I am fed up of feeling ugly on ma previous three four birthdays in a row!! I actually dont look fwd to it ! :/ also ma hubby promised me a ring if i got to goal and going away weekend... So i have a lot to motivate me! Also bexause i promised myself id spend my salary on a whole new wardrobe on my 25th if i got to atleast near my target within 7lbs!! :) x
  12. Baby_Cakes

    Baby_Cakes Dave's little girl

    Thats a great goal to work towards Lauren! One of my friends had a boob job a few years back. Only thing that really annoyed her was the bra's she had to wear for ages afterwards!

    I went to New York for a week. Through all the walking we did I lost half a stone! Mind you hubby and I did practically walk the whole of New York City!
  13. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    When I saw pictures after my birthday last year that's when I thought enough is enough. I'm working towards standing in my mums garden again ready to go out 6 stone lighter. That's my goal to do it in exactly one year.

    We've recently booked our summer holiday which is 4 weeks before my birthday so I want to lose as much as I can as early as possible so I can wear a bikini!!! I don't care that my skins all flabby from 2 kids I'm gonna rock it!! I've never worn a bikini, I've never not been a fatty so that will be nice to feel slim for the first time in my whole life!!!

    Good luck all x
  14. laurenmay

    laurenmay Gold Member

    I actually have boobs at the moment but its only because I'm 5 stone overweight lol! When I'm my 'normal' 9.7 stone self I have barely any boobs.. after having my son it seemed like they deflated and lost shape & everything! So I'm having nice new boobs when I'm at goal weight again so they'll be a good size & full and perky! :) x
  15. laurenmay

    laurenmay Gold Member

    Yep it's granny bras for a while after the op! But then when they're all nice & healed I can go shopping for pretty bras :)
  16. laurenmay

    laurenmay Gold Member

    Yes to collarbones too!!

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