What are your New years resolutions !!


Minimins gal x
Well as i sit here again with the end of the year just round the corner i could kick myself for being in the same situation last year and for many years.I have just given in to food to help me cope with life instead of dealing and facing problems which in the long run has made me more unhappy as the years have gone by.

So this year i hope when i make my New years resolution i will stick to them so for once i will make realistic resolutions,so here goes.

1) To be a better more patient mum to Aaron and to help him grow into a patient,caring and loving young man and to not let my weight stop me doing things with him outside of our home.

2) To carry on with SW and be happy with small but constant weight losses which in the end will lead me to my goal weight.

3) To enroll in college in Sept 07 to do my access to Social work.

4) To slowly change my life phyiscally and emotionally so i am no longer a prisoner in my body and home.

5) To ignore stupid ignorant people who want to comment on my size and which in turn makes me so angry and upset that i dont want to leave the house.

What are your resolutions for the coming year.
Good post Roch!

Ok my resolutions are :-

1. To keep the weight off (obviously!)

2. To win something on a game show on TV as I keep going on the damn programs and looking like a right numpty.

3. To promote Cambridge to whoever I can and get more people on the diet.

4. To get to X Factor Boot Camp

5. To have a tummy tuck and finally be content with what the mirror shows me.

6. To look after Jo and the kids and make sure they have a good year.

7. To do the Robbie shot as I did promise I would!!
I was thinking about this the other day and all being well this will be my first year since I remember I won't resolve to lose weight but to maintain my weight.

With my youngest child just started school I'd like to start a rewarding job where I feel I'm helping others but that fits around my family.

Dizzy x
Great post.

Again for me, it will be the first time I wont sit there on New Years Eve and say, right this time I mean it, im going on a diet!!

Instead I will be saying:

This year I will get to goal (unless I am already, positive thinking)

WIll pass my Sign language exams

Will spend more time with my daughter doing activities that my weight prevented me from doing (thru embarrassment)

Get trained to be a CDC once I am at goal because I want to tell the world about this diet!! If I can do it anyone can!

By then end of 2007, I want to be proud of myself. (hopefully sooner!)
mine is to get to my goal weight, hopefully having a good start this year, keep lots of horrible pics of me around to remind me how I look now and then to move to Scotland...doesnt sound a big deal when I type it quick!!