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what are your views


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I drink a lot of it when I have it in, alternate between that and fizzy water or no added sugar squash.
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Personally, I only have it if I'm absolutely desperate for something other than water or tea or fruit teas or if I'm having it with vodka or bacardi! It doesn't have any nutritional value, so seems at odds with SW ethos of healthy eating IYKWIM?


Back to basics
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I think its fine, not a big fizzy drink drinker but do have the occassional one :D


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In what respect? Sweeteners are meant to be bad for you if you have to many.
I find I get really dehydrated if I have too much fizzy pop.
Having said that I can find if I'm feeling peckish on an evening then somtimes a glass of pop is al I need.


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I tend to drink it instead of snacking or when I'm craving something sweet. I'm not really sure how bad it is for me and have been trying to cut down but my Mum (who has already lost about 7 stone via SW) has always drunk litres of the stuff and is doing just fine. :)

I watched a documentary once about the dangers of drinking too much aspartame, as I was drinking loads of diet coke - turns out a dangerous level would be 12 cans each and every day, which is excessive.

I drink it, and i've never had a problem.

The same sweetners are found in Muller Lights, squash, sugar free Jelly (and many, many other diet products), and nobody seems to question having those!

It is true there is no nutritional value to diet coke, but there are also next to no calories, which is why it fits with SW principles.


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I avoid diet drinks as they aggravate my eczema. But besides that I don't think they add anything beneficial to my body so I avoid them. I also no longer have sugar free squash, muller light or other diet yogurts, I just have low fat or fat free Greek/plain yogurt and add a little honey. As for drinks, water is my tipple! I drink literally a gallon a day AT LEAST! I think pregnancy has made me a water guzzling freak!


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Nothing wrong with it at all. It is my (cold) drink of choice. Not excessive with it though.

Not everyone's favourite and plenty of people knock fizzy drinks, but it is free.


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I have an occassional can maybe 4 a week, I dont see any harm.

When I think about the rubbish in other "diet" food stuff that I don't eat I don't think it will cause me any concern.
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I will have it with vodka on a rare night out and that's it. I find any fizzy drinks bloat me!

Research the effects of aspartame, they are scary, it's banned in loads of countries...that said i do still munch mullerlights (only 1 or 2 a week) ;) I won't let my kids near any artificial sweetener though. If that's one thing i could criticise SW for it's the amount of artificial sweetener they encourage in things...that's the ONLY thing though :eek:

I get headaches if i have too much of it.

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