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What can I expect from the SW meetings?

Hi everyone,
I want to go to the SW meetings tommorow evening for the first time. What can I expect on this meeting and do I get to sign for example a contract for a certain amount of weeks? Do they sell SW stuff there, books or food or anything? What kind of food will be helpful to buy in stock. (I read something about Alpen light, which I already bought)
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The meetings are really good, you get to meet lots of like-minded people who are all there to support you, I must admit I'm a bit shy and go on my own (most people in my group seem to be paired up with friends or family members) but despite this everyone is really approachable and it's easy to chat to people.

They sell Hi-fi bars at my group, plus different recipe books and syn books and things like that. There is no hard sell whatsoever though which I love. People just buy what they want. I've bought some Hi-fi bars but must admit I prefer alpen lights. They are less syns anyway!

You can pay per week or you can pay for a block all in one go, not done that myself but seems like a good idea and definitely an incentive to keep going!

Good luck at your first group, let me know how it goes! My group is tomorrow as well :)

Slimming world meetings are great.

You pay Β£4.50 a week but do not have to sign a contract or anything.
You will have a new members talk where the consultant will explain how the plan works and answer your questions.

You will then go and pay your joining fee and get weighed.

You will then join the group for the meeting, which lasts about 1 hour. Here they talk about peoples weight losses that week and recipes etc.

You can buy Hifi bars, scan bran, magazines and books from the shop at class too.

Welcome to SW and good luck xxx
:thankyou: for all the answers. I am so excited for tommorow.(scared as well) I tried W8 matters online but found the diet too harsh for me and that is why I am going for SW. I can eat food, real food, and at the same time I will learn (hopefully) how to handle all the choices and how to control the portions. Combined with the support of a group.
Hi everyone,
I went to SW and liked it very much. The only thing is that I 'only' lost 1.5 pounds. This is really 'only' because so many people lost loads more this week in my group.
I comfort myself with the thought that I lost something instead of gained.
well done on your loss x


soon to be skinny minnie
Well done think of it this way, 1.5 lbs is 3 blocks of butter, which is a lot when you look at it.
Ohh hun, don't worry. Just keep going and I bet you get a big loss next week. Everyone's bodies react differently.

Go you xxx
1.5lbs is in the right direction, and let's not forget, you're not really a dieting 'newbie' as you've been following another diet before SW.

Lots of people that get a big weight loss in their first week on SW have not been following any diet at all - so of course they'll have a big loss.

1.5lbs is GOOD! In a few months you'll be happy with a 1.5lbs loss rather than saying 'only' - really you will.

I think you've done really well, and should give yourself a pat on the back!
some people loose less than that in the first week and often loose more the second dont be put off.

the class isnt for everyone, i love it and its my lifeline however my mam used to come and she HATES it. she doesnt like the clapping, the ringing of bells when people have lost half stones and stones and she also didnt like a lot of the people who went as people do tend to talk over each other in our class.

theres no minimum membership time, you could join which costs less than Β£10 and then never go back have all the info and know exactly what to do however i need the support.
yea at every half stone they ring a bell and everyone claps. lol. i havent had one rung for quite a while :(
Blimey - I think the bells would push me over the edge!!

I REALLY REALLY hate it when the rude people start having private conversations whilst my consultant takes the class. They are SO rude.

yes people can be rude but our group is very very busy theres always someone talking
@Everybody: Thanks for the encouragement! My group doesn't do the ringing with the bells only clapping. Last week somebody was presented with a green star and the 'loser of the week' gets the content of a basket. Apparently everyone can fill this with for example fruit, crisps, alpen light and so on before the winner is announced.
I am not sure if I can mantain in weight loss next week because I did something wrong. Yesterday (red day) I made meatballs from beef mince. I took a normal portion of it but today I read in my book that the mince wasn't completely free. I ate at least 6 syns extra because of this. I don't know if it is too late now but I will eat everyday one syn less for the coming week. Maybe this will help:confused:


Over half way to target
Bit of a tip to reduce the fat in your mince when making stuff like bolognaise or chilli. You know when you dry fry it then drain any excess oil off? Well put it in a seive or a colander then pour boiling water from kettle through it and it takes every bit of fat left clinging to the meat away.
@melanie: wow that is more drastic than my kitchenpaper trick to suck up the visible fat . Never thought about that one.


I ate my willpower!
I have always done that with my mince because I can't stand any fat in or on meat. I think it helps with the texture as well. I think that extra lean mince is free, cos even when you dry fry it, there is hardly any fat that comes out.

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