What colour should I be aiming for?

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  1. Marylyn

    Marylyn Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Cambridge Diet
    Hello to anyone using the ketostix.

    I forgot to ask my CDC what colour I should expect for when I am in ketosis. I have 4 shakes a day and they seem to be just showing a "trace". That is the second colour on the chart.

    Please advise me what colour I should be aiming for to be in ketosis.

    I am still getting hunger pangs and am beginning to wonder if I should cut down to three shakes a day even though I am 5feet 8 inches.

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Marylyn xx
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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Any of the pinks means you are in ketosis, though you will probably move to the next pink up as an average. Only the beige colour is normal.
  4. julesrush

    julesrush Norwich CDC

    I always think the first two/three pinks are the colours to be anything darker you need to drink more water. Beige means not in ketosis

  5. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Test yourself first thing in the morning before you have anything to drink or have a shake.

    During the day the ketones are watered down by the shakes and water we drink.

    Any shade of pink shows ketosis, however, as Julesrush said if it is too dark drink more.

    Sometimes you can get a negative result this does not mean you are not in ketosis.

    At 5'8" you do need to have all four packs. If you are sticking to the diet, drinking all the water and not adding anything at all you should be in ketosis.

  6. julesrush

    julesrush Norwich CDC

    Forgot to add, i personally dont use first wee to test strip as i find that as i havent been to loo during night the test can be alot darker, i normally test on second wee lol

    I have one lady who is on diet who never shows in ketosis but obviously is due to her weight loss and just think its down to the fact she drinks 5 litres a day without fail and the keytones are soo watered down it shows beige.

    As said before if you are sticking to diet 100% and drinking at least 2.25 litres of water you will be in ketosis so dont get too hung up on the results.,

  7. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member


    First wee has most ketones as the urine is stronger.

    The stick should really give a reading on second wee too:p

    When someone is getting neg readings I always advise try first thing, normally they report back they are in the pink.

    It is also good to check later in the day to make sure you are drinking enough.

    Some people never show a positive reading, I know if you exercise this can have an affect on the readings also.

    Still one thing is for sure if you are 100% on the programme you cannot not be in ketosis.

  8. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Hhmmmm interesting. I drink between 4-5 litres per day without fail. Whenever I test my urine (all times of day) it is always aroubd 'Fable' or 'Moyen'. I very very very rarely drop below that unless I've eaten protein, like chicken.
  9. Marylyn

    Marylyn Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Cambridge Diet
    :D Many thanks girls for that advice.

    So, I'm not beige - just one colour above and I guess a trace of ketosis is good. It could be better though. I can remember when I wasn't wishing for my next shake. I'm counting the hours for my last one at 10 pm.

    I hope you are all doing well and it has been great logging on today and just seeing the messages advising me not to nibble. I know all this of course, but it still helps to see it in black and white.

    Regards and love
    Marylyn xxx
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