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newbie here

hi all
i am on day 5 and still really focus. its my first time on shakes and love them. im wanting to loose 1.5 stone just to get me back to goal weight.
Today i feel like i have masses of energy, is this how it should be on day 5 ?? I've been feel ok since started. when should i be ketosis and will i know ..... got 1st weigh in on monday what should i expect? just gone and ordered another load on the offer..
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This is my year!
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I'm no expert, but I would imagine you're in ketosis now being full of energy.
Usual week one losses are around the half a stone mark. Depends on your weight and age I think xx
Sounds like you’ve cracked it Traci. Keep the water up, sorted :)
Yeah I do that. Or I top it up with unsweetened almond milk sometimes.
I'm on day two and I'm starving, craving proper food, headachey, light headed and finding it hard to concentrate. I can't wait to get to the stage you describe!
I'm on day two and I'm starving, craving proper food, headachey, light headed and finding it hard to concentrate. I can't wait to get to the stage you describe!
Stick at it! Your symptoms will go soon, maybe a couple more days and you'll feel much better. Your energy will go through the roof and you'll be much more motivated. To me it becomes like fuel rather than food, so the cravings for actual food disappear :)

I've done Exante before (lost 2 stone in 6 weeks, before circumstances led to me coming off Exante and gaining weight again!) and I'm on day 3 of re-starting. I do HIIT workouts twice a week, thought Exante would leave me light headed and unable to do it, but I actually had more energy than ever
Thank you for the encouragement! I didn't sleep much at all last night, but I feel a bit better today, although still a bit headachey. I think part of the problem was that my order went astray over the weekend and I was stuck with the shakes yesterday. I need something to chew!
It literally just arrived and I've had the dahl pot. It tasted so good after all those shakes!!
I'm coming in here a lot to get motivation from all of you who have done it before. I've never done VLCD, but I hope it's the answer. I can't quite imagine doing workouts on it though...!
Bring on ketosis....
morning all.
I was naughty this morning and had a cheeky look on scales,not lost anything stayed the same 11th day in 😔 1st week lost 7lb. I have stuck to 3 shakes a day. what's going on....advice please.
Feeling so much better today! Headache has gone, I'm not hungry, and I can concentrate again. My ketosis sticks haven't arrived, but something tells me I've reached that wondrous state!

Traci01- 7lb seems like a lot, maybe it was one of those weird things where your body takes a few days to catch up. I've read that the first week is higher for water weight, so maybe you'll see something in a few days. Hang in there - I'm convinced this one does seem to work for most people - many diets don't work for me so I'm trying to keep positive.

Are you just sticking to shakes? I couldn't do that - I need something not sweet and chewy, so I'm trying all the bars and meals, etc.


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Don't worry about it-weightloss isn't linear. You'll likely have patches where you sts for a while then drop a chunk. This week I'd lost nothing on weigh in day and teo days later am minus 6lb. Xx

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