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What did you do different on the weeks you had your best loss?

Hi everyone, as the title says just wondering if anything what you did different when you had a good loss? Did you exercise more, less syns, more syns etc?

I had 100% week last week and never went over my syns and lost just a pound...i know its still a loss but still. So just being curious really.
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Well done with your 1lb, better off than on but I understand your frustration. Some people find that losses can show the following week or that something seems to get in the way, water retention for example. All you can do is what you're already doing. If you were 100% then you will lose, some of us have very random weight losses while others can tell you before they weigh how much they'll have lost. It's annoying when you expect to lose well and don't, I've sat in group crying like a baby before.:eek: I read somewhere that 1-2lbs per week is about all your body can lose in actual fat. Big losses are generally made up from water too so while they're great you don't suddenly get that much thinner if that makes sense.

My best week was a few weeks ago, I lost 11lbs after a few weeks of only 1/2. I didn't actually do much different though which just shows how frustrating this losing weight thing is! I was strict with myself and ate all my HE's where I'd let it slip in the weeks before. I also made sure I had breakfast which really helps. I did a green week til 2 days before WI when I switched to red. I don't know why it is but green seems to suit me. I actually did less exercise but I can't imagine that's the reason.

Hope you get the result you want next week but try to remember that 1lb is perfectly reasonable and nothing to worry about. Oh and do some measuring you may find it's come off your body without you realising.:)


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For me my best weeks come when I plan properly and cook what I term "fancy SW food" - so steak with SW chips, "fried" mushrooms and onions and peas or a nice big lasagne or paella or something new from the magazine. I'll do a supper of home made free dips and lots of veg to dip in - things that are really good, yet don't feel diet.

Also, I have a "treat it like it's my first week" week!! I read my book and have different A's and B's and I use my syns.

To be honest though, my best weeks come when I really stick to it and don't have any little extras. I'm not suggesting you do, I'm just saying I tend to!

If you were really good then look at what you had, could you have had more superfree, eaten more speed or superspeed or only snacked on superfree. It works for me :)
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My BEST loss ever is 6lbs.. which was a bloomin shock concidering that was only 3 weeks ago, id been doing sw 2 years and had already lost 4.5stone.. my biggest loss before was 4lbs the first week i switched to extra easy but 3lbs is my usual 'big loss'

I changed from alpen lights to fibre plus because i never tried them before.. i only had one muller a day and replaced all my snacking with fruit and water.. because i was snacking because i could not because i was hungry..

and made every evening meal a new one to anything i'd tried before.. so i got out all my old mags for inspiration. I thought i had real variety in my diet but i realised my variety was just different versions of the same foods.. (shepards pie, meatballs, spag bowl... lol)

lots of water, and i did aquafit .. always good for losses and tonnes of fun. x


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It is all in the planning, definitely. You really need to be prepared. For me i need to make sure that i have superfree food in the house for me to snack on if i am feeling peckish.

Also you should make sure that you have taken measurements as you could have lost more in inches this week.

and dont feel bad about a pound. i watch the biggest loser australia and after all their dieting and exercise sometimes they only loose 1/2 a pound xx


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My best loss was 5.5lb, this was near the beginning of my journey :) so I can't remember how I did it lol I know I was 100% of course

My latest best loss was 4.5lb, had 5syns per day, loads of water, exercise, speed foods, fruit, loads of free foods and a positive attitude :D


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I noticed i lose more weight if i walk more, i take the dog for a long walk rather than the usual 15 mins a day, just upping this to 30 mins a day really helps. Also try a week with no extra lean mince, i not sure why but when i eat lots of mince i dont lose as much weight but as i like it i try to have it only once a week now.


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I ran just over 50k that week, and had a few EE days and a few Green days. I lost 2.5lbs and wasn't expecting it at all! I did Green the day before, that always makes me go number twos more than usual :eek: so I think that may have helped... lol... Trying to apply the same principles this week so will let you know come Thursday :)

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