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What do most people do when they go on holiday.......

Do you.....

  • Allow yourself to eat what you want (within reason) and then shift any pounds gained when you return?
  • Stick to low carbs - atkins stylee?
  • Do an add a meal week?
  • SS all the way through?
I'm going to Italy for a week next month and absolutely love pizza and pasta.....I think it would ruin my holiday if I couldn't enjoy the food even a little........any advice!?
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well I had good intensions when i went away of sticking to salads and chicken and vodka and diet drink. all i can say is haha it all went out the window..i completely indulged for the week first 2days were fine then i thought sod this im on holiday!!! i put on 6/7pounds!! I love pizza and pasta too..mm...hope you enjoy your holiday. I reckon do what suits you :)

becky x


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a holiday is a holiday. i was gonna ss on mine in june-2 weeks in lanzarote- but i know i wont enjoy it as much as part of going on holiday is to go out and eat nce meals and have a drink!
im gonna do that--try to in moderation-- and wen i come back get straight back on the wagon. it is totally up to u wot u do!!


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I would discuss it with your cdc before you go and maybe start to move up the steps in the weeks preceeding the hols so that you don't get that immediate "fill" in lbs.

I am going on hols end of June to the Lakes and have been pondering the same thing - I am going to talk to my cdc next week about it but think I will try to 810 for that week.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and have a fantastic holiday.:D

If the worst happens and you do gain you can always get back on the wagon afterwards.
Thanks for the advice! I think I will eat what I want, but very much in moderation!

That's actually a really good idea Lenny....maybe stepping up a bit the week before will minimise the damage! In all honesty, i don't mind if it means I've gained a few extra pounds, because I'll soon shift them when I come back....but I'd like to minimise it as much as possible without ruining my holiday by feeling too restrained.....
To be honest we go on holiday once a year so I eat what I want,I don't want to spend ££££'s on a holiday only to spend the time stressing about a couple of lbs


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When I go away in June I shall be starting my day with oats or fresh fruit and the rest of the day sticking to low carb...except for the evening when I will be sticking to white wine and sodas :D

Have a great time. x


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Im coming off SS on 10 June and going up 3 steps to 1000 until I go away on 22 June. The plan is to be reasonably sensible although it is a 15/20 min walk from our apartment to the town centre and we walk there and back every day and will be doing more swimming this year as I hope to be 2 sizes smaller.
Good luck whatever you decide
Last time I went on holiday (couple of years ago) I ss'ed all the way through. Started off fine at the beginning of the week, but by the end I was truely miserable. We went out to eat everynight and I sat and watched everyone have all these delicious meals and drink. It just got too much and I felt resentful and depressed. My ex husband was determined I should stick to it and not eat, and was a bully about it, as he always was. I even had fantasies of sneaking some food somehow, but I was never left alone!

So, I stuck to SS all week like a good girl. The day we got home, he went out for a bit and I was straight to the local shop to buy packets and packets of taxi bars and other chocolate and hid in the bedroom and binged.

I wish I had just enjoyed the holiday as a holiday should be enjoyed:)


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I have 12 days until my holiday and as it was booked before I started CD, it's all inclusive... So I am planning on swimming ALOT and choosing food wisely. Although it's probably going to be the only holiday I get on my own without my kids for a while, so I do intend to make the most of it, then will get back on the CD wagon as soon as I get home. We have a wedding to go to beginning of July, and I want to look ok in the pics lol!


Last year, I had one CD shake a day (to keep the calories down), one low carb meal at lunch. Dinner I more or less had what I wanted, I put on 5lbs in two weeks, but lost it again the following week.

You can go and have a brilliant holiday but you can also do damage limitation, without feeling deprived.

Going to do the same this year as will still have apprx 1 stone to go, (if I can do my 3 stone before I go away) xx

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