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What do you do when you are hungry?


I'm a newbie here. I've done LL before in the past and have recently rejoined. This is day 1 of abstinence and I HAVE to stick it out this time round. I'm organising my graduation ball for next September and refuse to be fat on this day-that gives me 12 months to lose over half my body weight and I know it will happen if I don't break abstince but am finding it hard. I am just wondering what you do to stop yourselves eating on LL when you are hungry. I know that the only hunger you are meant to feel on LL is emotional but when your stomach is rumbling seriously in the first few days of climing the wall into ketosis what do you do?:eek:
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Do anything but eat.

Drink tea/water.

Have another shake !

Do anything but eat.
I know when I get into ketosis it wont be as bad and I keep trying to distract myself. I haven't eaten but do feel hungry.
Just remember that IF you eat then you are simply going to be hungrier for longer and hence by eating you are making the problem worse and not better.

(Then drink a good litre of water and go get a bath)

water - sparkling helps me as it makes me feel quite bloated and therefore less hungry. I quite often go to bed to watch TV or read - if I am away from the sofa which is the place I used to sit when I snacked then the call of the kitchen isn't so strong and I have to make a concious effort if I want to go in there and get food.

To start with I used to split two of my packs in half so I was eating 6 times a day instead of 4, this helped me a lot as it was only a couple of hours inbetween food then which seemed much more achieveable!

Anything you can use as a distraction is also good - bath, ringing a friend, sticking on minis!

Good luck, you can do it!

Yes, sparkling water does the trick. As well as having a bath. And, as I have said before, sometimes ALL you CAN do is go to bed!

I did that a lot for the first few days of LL; I was really cold so ended up having several hot baths a day - partly to keep warm and partly as a distraction.

Not sure how far you got with LighterLife before but Thought Records are really useful, too.

Good luck; make this time the last time you do the programme!! Oh, and the other thing, come on here! It's a lifeline.

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxx


Taking it Day by Day
I agree with the above posts. Water is the best way of filling up your tummy and giving you something to do. Something else that has helped me in those hungry days was to just "last for one more hour" and then see how I feel, and then another one and so on, either until it's time to go to bed or until you have another shake, and more water and yes, the real big hungerpangs should dissapear within a few days. And don't have anything in your house that could even remotely tempt you to eat in the early days. Just imagine your first weigh in and how happy you will be then...
I know on LL they say that you should make time to do more stuff for yourself, such as take a bath, give yourself a manicure or put a facepack. That worked for me the first few times emotional hunger took hold. However no amount of long hot soaks in a tub or dealing with my cuticles within an inch of their lives has helped recently.

I normally find, having a chat with my sister, basically having a moan and a bit of sulk helps tremendously - not very mature - but it works for me.:eek:

But sometimes I have to physically remove myself from certain situations - by going for a walk or leaving a room, it makes me feel anti-social - but I am over a 3rd of the way through my initial foundation stage - so by now family kinda understand. Oh, and drinking water does help me sometimes, normally because it makes me feel slightly sicky drinking large amounts in one go.
Some suggestions from my experience:
I've stuck photographs of my fattest self on the fridge, cupboards etc
Look up my list of reasons to lose weight and goals- see if I can tick any more off
ditto my spreadsheet of how I'm progressing
Take myself by the scruff of the neck when I have cheated and stop a cheat turning into a binge
Come on here and read posts :)

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