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What do you eat on Weigh Day?


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Just a quick question for everyone...i've heard stories of people at our class not eating all day before they WI or doing liquid diets to make sure they keep thier weight down for WI.

What do you do? Do you continue eating as normal throughout the day or be selective? Just thought it would be interesting to find out! :D

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Green tea advocate!!
Yeah that's what i was thinking, people come to WI looking famished!

I do exactly the same, Porridge, sandwich and some fruit in the day then i wait until after my WI for dinner (usually something nice after WI especially if i've had a good loss - ahhh fajitas! :D)

Surely though if you starved yourself all day you wouldn't get an accurate result at WI and that would affect you the week after ect?
Hi, yes i would just eat b/fast and lunch and then have my dinner afterwards (late though 8.30pm !). I did once try to eat before I went but it was a BIG mistake and put on 4lb I think.... not doing that again !


Although I weigh at home, I weigh in the morning and never try to fool the scales by eating less the day before or anything like that. Maybe it's different going to class.


Green tea advocate!!
Yeah Kay, that's why i decided not to eat dinner before WI - do you think that contibuted?

Maybe going to class puts more pressure on you to loose? Especially getting weighed in front of everyone and the bell going off when you reach you Silver 7 or 10%! (don't know if thats the same everywhere but it is sooo embarressing!)

I think it is sensible to eat and not try and trick the scales, surely if you've been following the plan your losses would show regardless of what you ate on the day? x


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
Thought weight watchers meetings weigh ins weren't meant to be infront of anyone anymore, because of the embarrassing factor?

i weigh in at home and eat normally because i dont want a false readin just because i starved my self that day
For the last few weeks, I've not been to a class, I've weighed in at home, and stick to the same time...
Generally speaking though, my class is/was at 7pm, and I go straight from work, so I have the usual breakfast, and lunch, and bits of fruit at work, then weigh in, then have my tea when I get home. And usually a WW dessert :) And I always ALWAYS drink my 2l of water so that I don't get hungry...

I don't see the point of starving for the day... kinda defeats the object, I think..!


Green tea advocate!!
Thought weight watchers meetings weigh ins weren't meant to be infront of anyone anymore, because of the embarrassing factor?
Yeah well that it the case, although it's still pretty embarrassing when they ding the bell - you normally have a queue of people behind you too which can be slightly daunting! (that might just be how i feel?) still it's a good incentive to keep going and continue loosing weight every week.

I agree Jen, it does defeat the object, i was just interested to see if anyone actually took this approach like some do at my WI - i don't think i could physically do it!

Suppose it would be different for those who have morning classes, if i was in that position i would jump out of the shower and straight into the car (clothed obviously) and WI before breakfast...it's strange how the mind works...or, that might just be me! lol x
i weight in first thing in the morning at home, so no problem eating there. but when i did lipotrim my WI was at 6.30pm so i would have my shakes and hardly drink any water until after my weigh in, i was drinking about 6 litres a day then and i was blooming thirsty all day
Eat as normal apart from my main meal as my WI is 6.30 and I don't get home from work until 6 so I do eat that after but that has always been the case. After all you are only fooling the scale for 1 night, WI's can be daunting with people listening behind you but I don't care anymore, I am doing this for me.
ive noticed on my weigh in nights ill have breakfast and lunch but i stop snacking in between them and if i do end up its usually a point food!!! wouldn't be able to not eat for the entire day as i go to a late meeting!!... plus joined WW to change my diet and try get healthier... not eating for the day of WI just to make the results on the scales less scary isnt something that'll work in the long run!!! or at least thats what i think!! xx

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