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What do you guys have for breakfast

Hi everyone, I am really struggling with the weight loss at the moment and I think it is because I don't have much of a breakfast (if any some days). I have been looking at ways to boost my metabolism and apart from doing exercise (which I am every night) it was mentioned that I should start the day with a good breakfast. So I was wondering what you guys have for breakfast and how many points you use. Any advice would be appreciated.:)

I also seem to eat a lot of bread/pittas. Could this also be affecting my weigh loss even though I count it in my points?:(
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I always have my breakfast at work - well in the week I do anyway :D... so I am a bit limited to what I can have.
I may have a bagel with a smear of flora - 4 pts, current teacake with flora - 4pts, Porridge - 3 pts... tend not to have cereal as I find it doesn't keep me as full as Porridge or a bagel does
Hope this helps
Thanks Tracy. I am also at work through the week so I have my brekkie there too. Its hard because they don't have a microwave or toaster. So maybe cereal would be the best option for me. I like the sound of a bagel too, I've never really thought of having them for breakfast.


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i usually have non sugary cereal and skimmed milk, or fruit and a yoghurt.

you may be different but i personally find that eating too much bread really affects my weight loss negatively - so i avoid having toast during the day and limit myself to 2 slices of bread / one bread bun each day but try not to have it every day of the week.

you definitely need to make breakfast fit into your diet each day as its your most important meal - its linked to how your metabolism works and skipping breakfast means your metabolism isnt activated properly to burn off everything else you eat during the day xxx


Mad as a Hatter
S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
They used to have crumpets at work too - only 1 pt each which was great, but then they have stopped stocking them as people didn't buy them - rubbish - they were always the first thing to go every morning, as people avoided the stale bread from the week before and the 2lb of fatty rind left on the bacon.. and don't get me started on the sausages... OMG:eek:


Hiya Chucks!!
Morning i agree with what rach has said.
I usually have cereal too but dont tend to have the same one every day i usually have a stock of-
weetabix 1 point each
oats so simple 1½ points
Light branflakes 1½ points.

If you like oats i have a recipe somewhere for a breki using oats,fruit+yogurt,it is mixed up and left overnight,that would be ideal to take to work.
Or you could have fresh fruit salad or cereal bars?

I too limit the amount of bread i eat in the week.:)


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
There is a recipe for an overnight muesli in the new magazine...

3pts per serving - serves 4

150g rolled oats
60g ready to eat dried apricots - diced
600ml skimmed milk
200g raspberries

Place the oats and apricots in a large bowl and pour over the milk
Stir well, cover and refrigerate overnight
Serve chilled or at room temp with the raspberries stirred in

Haven't tried it so can't comment but might try it this weekend !!!

Hope this helps

Thanks that sounds really nice. I will have to give it a go this week. I will let you all know if my efforts have paid off next friday:)


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i try to have something different everyday just to keep it interesting, different cereals, oatsosimple, beans or egg on toast,omlette. Am looking forward to tomorrow-bacon,egg,mushroom and tomato for 3.5 points


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i had weetabix this morning - been four hours since and not hungry. just one point each too.
is tricky if you're at work though.
how about a banana, that should fill you up? or a low cal cereal bar.
or a bagel - they are REALLY filling.



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I normally have either porridge made with water and a banana or bran flakes with a banana and I drink a pint of water, that tends to keep me going until lunch.


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I always have oats so simple, its great, fills you up till lunch. As for pittas, there is hardly a day goes by when I dont have a pitta as I appear to be addicted and thankfully this has not overly affected my weight loss. guess everyone is different tho!

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