what do you look for in a cdc?


what makes u a good cdc?
what makes your cdc a good one?
what do you look for in a cdc?
what does your cdc offer?
what more could you ask for?
My cdc is great because:
1. Shes sooo friendly and really was easy to talk to. Made me feel at ease from the very 1st email.
2. Really supportive and encouraging every time I see her.
3. Not only that but she sends me little texts here and there willing me on and asking how im doing. Also sends emails through the week so she keeps in contact.

Its little touches like this that make it special :)

I couldnt ask for more :D
My CDC is really lovely and to be comfortable with her was the quality I wanted most as weight has been a really touchy subject with me for a while. However, I think the other most important quality they have to offer is absolute 100% knowledge and education on what can be a sometimes complicated and fairly unconventional diet and I don't always feel like this is the case with mine. I need to see her once a week otherwise I would probably lose my way. She measures me and weighs me weekly (I don't do this myself) and even offered to give me 2 bin liners of her clothes she was getting rid of, she's such a star!! Also a professional attitude helps.