What do you nibble on?


Call me Linzi...
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This time around I've been trying not to nibble... looking back at when I've done Atkins before I think I used to eat just because I could if it was low carb!!

However I do have individual applewood smoked cheese portions (20g), pepperoni slices, boiled eggs or protein bars available should the urge take me! :D


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Thanks Im thinking I shouldnt want to nibble as much once I get into Ketosis - its just today, I want to nibble all day.


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It was mainly pork scratchings for me, a real life saver back in the day.


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pork scratchings or mini babybel.
I try hard not to nibble but since I am human I sometimes have a little bit of cheese or a few mouthfuls of cream cheese.

I might even have my daily MIM as a 'nibble' - it all depends. And of course the dreaded low carb sweeties do now and then make an appearance. Far less often than they used to, however. I am wary of polyols since my long stall.