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What do you think?


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After weeks of struggling on the Cambridge diet ( I have lost 38 pounds) I am now thinking about starting Slimming world.

Any advice to offer?

I know some people have put weight on after doing CD and then going on to SW but I haven't been following CD properly for ages so I was thinking it wouldn't effect me like that.......
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Hi honey, thanks for posting on my thread re giving in cd, I to am going to go and join slimming world at 6pm, we can always come back to cd in the future if we feel like it. Know what you mean about the gaining as im sure with the glycogen stores re filling I may gain weight this week. Good luck Sarahxx.


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Well done on your amazing weight loss Sarah!! :D

I personally think SW is the best diet there is. It is healthy, well balanced, allows treats with no foods forbidden, you are never hungry and it doesn't feel like a diet at all.

Good luck. :)


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Thanks for the replies. I went to go to the class, but it wasn't there!!!!!

It was listed on the SW website but I went to where it was and I couldn't find it. I asked a care taker bloke and he said it wasn't there!!!!

Back to the drawing board, there is one near me at work in the morning, i will have to see if I can slip out for half and hour and hope no-one notices!!!!


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Oh, that's a real bummer, especially as you had made the effort to go. :( Whilst you are in the mood to join I would definitely go to another class if I were you, in the morning if you can, and strike whilst the iron's hot!!

Good luck and let us know how you get on. :)
Well done on losing 38lbs SarahB. Hope your SW journey goes well. I did Lipotrim (similar to CD) for 6 weeks (only 4 seriously tho') and lost 2 stone. The evening of the day I went for my final Lipotrim weigh in, I joined SW and I've lost over a stone in the last 4 weeks :D and I've been stuffing my face with loads of "free" foods ;) SW is a great diet - you really don't feel like you are dieting most of the time. Good luck, love ff x


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Hi Sarah, did you get to class today?? Im finding the first day a bit funny as its strange thinking about what to have to eat!!! Good luck let me know how you get on!! Sarahxx.


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Hi sarah,

Yes, I made it this morning but their scales made me 3.5 pounds heavier than what i weighed in with my CDC yesterday morning.

Just tucking into a salad now and looking forward to eating properly again, I am glad i went this morning and I think SW is something that i will be able to stick to!!


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All I can say is that the diet really works! If you're hungry you aren't eating enough... but basically just keep at it. As your body adjusts to food again it might be a bit slow - but don't be tempted to starve yourself!
Hi Sarah B and Sarah P, how are you both getting on? Hope you are finding the SW diet ok - I'm never hungry on it as I eat loads of free/superfree foods :D for the first few weeks eating still felt like a luxury after being on lipotrim for 6 weeks! love ff x


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Yes come on girls spill the beans!! I too am following CD at the moment but have been thinking that in the next few weeks may change over as cant afford the diet and paying for gym/swimming etc. At least with SW I can do everything and hopefully still lose the weight. Not sure whether to start working my way back up the CD plans so that its not such a shock for the body when I do finally change over:eek:
Thats the beauty of sw there is lots of free food you can have and even mullerlight yoghurts and dont have to count every single food item.

Good Luck
Hi, Did you find you put any weight on in the first week of doing the slimming world diet? I came off of CD yesterday, am eating healthy stuff at the mo and planning to join SW on Tuesday evening but am scared of putting on weight in my first week!

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