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What do you think..


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Ok so Im convinced I have PCOS. Ive went to the docs for years regarding heavy painful periods.

As im getting older my acne is getting woeful! Ive contstant break outs all over my cheeks now more than ever!

My bodyhair grows relatively quickly and course, though my hair (on my head:p) is fine and takes foreverrrr to grow, so much so that I can no longer have blonde hair :(

Andddd the worst is trying to loose weight it just goes no where! So frustrating!

Ive had one set of blood tests done but my docs near sure its not PCOS, ive read though thats not the only or best diagnosis.

Any girls have any advice on how I should go about getting it sorted or diagnosed?

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It's a complicated one because PCOS is essentially a set of interrelated symptoms which can be hard to diagnose. Doctors can tend to say lots of women have heavy periods/hairy upper lips/acne etc. and they're right that PCOS isn't always the reason.

When I lived in Belfast I had great care through my GP and a team at the Ulster - they were much more hands-on with it than when I lived in England and I got help with diet etc. aswell. Have you had any pelvic ultrasounds? That's how mine was eventually diagnosed a few years ago but again not everyone with PCOS has noticeable cysts on their ovaries. Has your doctor got any other reasonable suggestions as to what (s)he thinks it actually is if not PCOS?


Hmm. Sounds like me!

I originally went to the docs coz I was having tummy pains.

My pcos was suspected because my blood test showed higher levels of testosterone than a woman should have, so doc sent me to have an ultrasound, which showed the cysts.


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See, i dont have the high testosterone levels, however havnt been to get a scan..thats what I want to double check, it would make much more sense to just confirm it rather than try and give me prescription after presecription :( x


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What kind of stuff are they prescribing? They must think they know what it is to be trying to treat it surely?
I went to the Drs because my periods had stopped. The blood test showed nothing but the scan showed cysts. I also have a small patch of facial hair on my chin. Ask your Dr for a scan/further investigations because even if it isn't PCOS heavy and painful periods need to be checked out.


I too had normal blood tests but a scan confirmed pcos - maybe go see a different doctor if poss and ask 4 a scan - i got fobbed off a few times too b4 they would refer me 4 a scan. Every woman with pcos is different. Xx


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Thanks girls, so update...

Went to the docs and he seems to think it may be pcos so back on Dianette for now while waiting on a referal for a scan.

He was considering offering Metformin?? I think thats what it is? Any one any info on in in terms of clearing up symptoms?

Ash xo


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I was put on Dianette too and it worked a treat for me but be wary as you're not supposed to stay on it longer than a year to 18months (I took it for 8 years). They haven't tried it long term and don't know what damage it might do to your liver and things so please don't let them just keep giving you it.