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What exercise do people take?


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Well done on your loss Dave, how much have you lost not?


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Well done Dave....personally I've not done much. I've had the odd trip to they gym, but not regular! LT works wonderfully well all on its own :D


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here here!! am with ya there shaz! i went to the gym on monday and i swear am still suffering today!!X


Back again - hey ho!
I ride once a week, and generally thats it, but I do run round after 2 babies all day, and then the older two sproggits come home, so I'm constantly on the go!

Deb G

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Generally its not a good idea to start doing exercise on a VLCD unless you're already pretty active - and you certainly don't want to be doing any weights!

I did pilates throughout my SS on LL as well as my endurance riding. I ran a bit, and now I am eating again (I'm in RTM) I have upped my running right up again.

Do what your body can manage - but if you're tired, listen to your body and stop. Its hard working with 500cals a day, and you don't want to force your body into starvation mode.
I'm a Cder, the only thing I to is some sit-ups and walking. I walk alot, about 3 - 5 miles a day and since loosing some weight it has become so much easier. I never knew how many problems I had until I didn't have them anymore...I really enjoy walking and that'll do. Oh, some light weight training to tone my arms..but that really is it...CD is quite the thing as well to get rid of bits and bobs I don't want...

i do aerobics 3 nights a week and yoga once but i don't think it makes my loss any better i do think I'm toning up quicker and it gives me something to do other than watch crappy soaps :D
Well done, but stop cheating ya sen, as for exercise I have a very private regime:p
Good Effort fella!
i went to the gym prior to LL.... did go at first when doing LL but was so exhausted!!!

Nowadays I kick box twice a week!!! and walk if teh weathers good!!!!

Nas x
Well done Dave xx
Hi Dave, I try to go on the treadmill 6 times a week , don't know what I would have lost without doing it .Started in week 2. Lost 3 last week and 6 this week so hopefully its helping.Lost 22lb in 3 weeks so I'm happy.

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