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What have you got listed on Ebay?


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Not sure if this allowed?

But was just wondering what everyone has listed on Ebay, I am in the process of uploading a load of girls clothing and shoes and also some of my stuff thats too big for me now, from last year. Also probably gonna put some books and toys on, it takes so long though:rolleyes:

Don't know if we are allowed to put links to our listings, so better not until someone says we can;)

I love a good Ebay bargain and I know some of you may well be selling clothes that are now too small.
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big bear

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Hi I've not sold anything on it but I've bought loads in the last few months at bargain prices

- a graco double buggy £25
- maternity clothes bundles
- 3 pairs of boys sandals/doodles from Clarks got at a bargainous price of £17 for 3 pairs

I love it but not addicted only buy things we need


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I haven't sold yet, but I update my wardrobe with Monsoon and Per Una gear for very little! I'm better dressed than I ever was for next to nothing! But now I need to sell all my size 18's.


Slow but sure....
I've never sold anything on Ebay, although my hubby has - but I have had some lovely bargains over the last five years.

I have to ration myself on my visits though because I do tend to go overboard......especially on clipped earrings!!!
There used to be an Ebay sub forum but it seems to have gone now so i dont think its allowed ,however we can pm each other ( hint hint;)) with links or ebay user names (please dont hesitate to include moi !!)


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i MIGHT put my clothes on when grow out of them.. but ive just brought some lovely things last me through summer i be gutted to say bye to them :( i should had brought every size in each hahaha


Is a crunchy mama!
Just sold my old fridge/freezer on ebay. So glad to be rid of it lol


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive put all my 'fatty' clothes that i dont intend to ever wear again on and sold the lot!
So i either lose weight or walk about naked - Not a pretty thought :8855:


Wishing and hoping!
I am selling a book that I could not get my head into it, so recycled on ebay with cash back - cha-ching :) but sold other stuff - clothes, nitentdo wii, games, cds, dvds etc etc


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I am just about to list loads of stuff if anyone is interested... not mine tho they are my Mums all ranging from 16s to 20s some of it hardly worn
She got breast cancer 18 months ago and now cant wear half the things she did due to mastectomy and weight loss she is also a self confessed shopaholic she had so much stuff it was ridiculous! She has now whittled it down to just 4 wardrobes worth pmsl I have already sold hundreds of £s worth of stuff for her but not sold any for a while the true value of the clothes tho is in the several thousands!
Not sold many of her shoes but she has hundreds of pairs :eek::eek: will be adding over the weekend if anyone wants my I.D btw its not too much different from my nick here :D:D with a number at the end but you wont find me without the number I just tried so just pm me although nothing listed atm

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